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What is the most important family holiday in your country? How do you celebrate it?
What is the most important family holiday in your country? How do you celebrate it?
  • Assem Dikhayeva, D. M. Kim, C. J. Cruz, J. S. Lee
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"The biggest family holiday in the US is Thanksgiving. It’s pretty much Chuseok. It’s a good time, and we just have an excuse to take a day off school or work, spend time with our family and friends, and meet people for the first time in a while."

- David Chong, Freshman

"My favorite family holiday is Nauryz, which is celebrated in March and marks the beginning of a new year in the Solar Hijri Calendar. During this holiday, we gather together and eat traditional food, such as Nauryz Kozhe, and play games."

- Miras Kabdygali, School of Computing

"We have King’s Day in the Netherlands, which is the day of the year when the king has his birthday. The king and his family go to some location in the Netherlands, where there will be a lot of celebrations. In other parts, most people celebrate just by having these huge flea markets and [selling] their own stuff, so you can go there and cheaply buy second-hand stuff. And everything is orange! So everyone’s dressed in orange, and they eat orange cakes and orange desserts."

- Lars Behnke, Department of Industrial Design

"My favorite holiday would be Ethiopian Christmas. It is celebrated a bit later after “international” Christmas, because Ethiopia has a different calendar consisting of 13 months. I like this holiday because we get some time off school and work, and I get to see my relatives."

- Mintine Shiferaw, School of Electrical Engineering

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