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Da Vinci Point Encourages Art Education
Da Vinci Point Encourages Art Education
  • Juhoon Lee Senior Staff Reporter
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The School of Humanities and Social Sciences has launched a new “innovative education project” named the Da Vinci Point project, which aims to encourage and reward partaking in art-specific activities for all undergraduate students. The mission of the program is to create opportunities for “art-related pursuits that anyone can join without hassle”.

Students collect mileage points by participating in various art-related events. Depending on the number of points collected by the end of the year, the students are sorted into different tiers of achievement and given corresponding prizes. The possible levels are: Silver (50), Gold (70), and Platinum (100).

Points can be earned in diverse ways: participating in an art-related club and submitting proof of activity, such as contributing to an exhibit or equivalent thereof (10); taking a course in the arts category for one semester (10); taking a Leadership III course associated with art for one semester (7); attending an art exhibit on or off campus (5); attending Da Vinci Point lectures given on campus (5). For this year, students may apply for points for any events or lectures taken during both spring and fall semesters.

In addition, if a student achieves a certain rank, the points can be carried over into Leadership Mileage for the KAIST Global Leadership Center: 30, 40, and 50 points for Silver, Gold, and Platinum, respectively. Further details can be found on the Global Leadership Center website (leadership.kaist.ac.kr).

The application period for point approval is at the end of November, with specific dates to be announced later. Students can email the Da Vinci Point program (art_point@kaist.ac.kr) an application form with pictures that prove participation in the corresponding art activities.

Several lectures have already been announced for the Da Vinci Point series of special art lectures. The first lecture was held on October 7 at the School of Humanities and Social Science Building (N4) by artist You Sun Kim, who specializes in contemporary arts. Titled “A Fragmented Self”, the lecture featured Kim discussing the ways to find “the treasure within us”. A second lecture is planned for November 21 — jazz pianist Jiyong Park will hold a lecture concert.

Students may also check the Facebook page for frequent updates on different events happening in or around school that they may be interested in. Examples of such exhibits this semester include the artwork exhibit “The Dongeori” by artist Woo Kim (refer to page 4) and a concert by the Ludwig Trio chamber ensemble.

The clubs whose membership will be approved for points and further details will be announced in the future on the program’s Facebook page (@art.kaist).

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