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Where is your favorite place in KAIST, and why?
Where is your favorite place in KAIST, and why?
  • A. Dikhayeva, D. M. Kim, C. J. Cruz, J. S. Lee
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"My favorite spot on campus is my dorm room. Usually no one goes there, and I like to spend time there alone or with my friends, just chill, and look at the campus from above. "

- Adil Botabekov, School of Electrical Engineering

"The park on the hill behind the International Center, next to the Duck Pond. Although I don’t go there often, it is a place where I can chill and isolate myself from studies. There is a very nice view too."

- Dinmukhamed Mailibay, School of Electrical Engineering

"After [a] tiring day of attending classes, it feels really good to sit near the duck pond and enjoy the [weather] and environment over there. Usually I get to see a lot of ducks, which I find really peaceful. The way they wait in the water is absolutely gorgeous."

-H M Quamran Hasan, Freshman

"Probably the [Main] Library, because it has a lot of books that I like and it’s a really good study place."

-Hanbit Lee, Freshman

"It has to be the forest pathway beside W-7."

-Prairsunan Chanpanich, Freshman

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