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What's the worst season to spend in KAIST, and why?
What's the worst season to spend in KAIST, and why?
  • A. Dikhayeva, D. M. Kim, C. J. G. Cruz, J. S. Lee
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"For me, the worst season to be in KAIST is summer because of high temperatures and humidity. I think I am just used to the climate in my country."

- Alisher Sembekov, School of Computing

"It’s probably going to be winter. I’m from Australia, so I’m not used to the cold. I’ve got my jacket, but it’s probably going to [become] freezing [soon]. Although I do really appreciate when the autumn leaves start coming out."

- Aaron Coox, School of Computing

"Definitely the worst season ever for international students, I [would] say, is the weather right now, which is winter. Primarily because it’s the weather that gives you nostalgic vibes, so all you could ever do unconsciously is to recollect all the sad memories you could ever think of, plus the isolated situation that you are in here at KAIST."

- Mark Borris Aldonza, Department of Biological Sciences

"I’m a freshman in KAIST, so I have not spent all the seasons here, but right now it’s really cold for me even though I come from a country that gets really really cold in the winter. [In] the place where I come from, the winters are usually very dry, but here in Korea, the weather is very humid, so the winters here are not very pleasant because it is humid and cold at the same time.”

- Kristina Shelemba, School of Freshmen

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