2019-11-27 20:12 (Wed)
KAIST UA Releases Survey Results for Complaints on Unauthorized Visitors
KAIST UA Releases Survey Results for Complaints on Unauthorized Visitors
  • Dong Min Kim Junior Staff Reporter
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The KAIST Undergraduate Association (UA) Emergency Response Committee has released the results of a survey regarding student complaints on unauthorized visitors for the fall semester. The survey collected responses from a total of 45 students to shed light on student opinion on the problems caused by unauthorized visitors, as well as finding potential solutions to the issue.

Members of KAIST are used to dealing with an influx of outside visitors to the university. Being a public institution, KAIST cannot prohibit the entry of regular citizens into campus. But naturally, students raise complaints about visitor-related problems, especially during the midterm and final exam periods. Most recently, discontent arose in KAIST when its campus was designated as a temporary parking space for Yuseong flower festival visitors, causing discomfort to students of the university.

The survey results revealed strong student dissatisfaction concerning unauthorized visitors, with 91% of respondents claiming that they had had negative experiences as a result of visitor influx. There were several areas in which the respondents were dissatisfied. Students were most discontent with emerging traffic, with 82% stating that they suffered due to heavy traffic on campus. 71% of the respondents had difficulty using school cafeterias or coffee shops due to visitors, and 69% experienced difficulty or discomfort from visitors entering student buildings such as dormitories. Finally, 64% of the respondents had difficulties studying or researching due to noise pollution from visitors.

The survey respondents proposed numerous solutions to alleviate the problems caused by unauthorized visitors. A common proposal was the installment of toll barricades on campus gates, while some recommended collecting parking fees from unregistered vehicles. Some respondents suggested implementing such regulations during specific periods, such as during midterms or festivals held on campus. The KAIST UA announced that it will send the survey results to the KAIST administration, in hopes of solving the university’s visitor dilemma.

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