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What is your biggest regret in 2019?
What is your biggest regret in 2019?
  • A. Dikhayeva, D.M. Kim, C.J.G. Cruz, and J.S. Lee
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"It’s not much of a regret, but I really wish I focused on my songwriting hobby back home during the break. Since I don’t have my guitar with me here in school and I can’t really spare enough time anyway, I wish I maximized my free time before this semester for my hobbies.”

"I really regret not learning Korean over the summer. It could’ve made my first months in Korea easier, but I also feel like I missed out on a lot of fun stuff in school just because I couldn’t speak or understand Korean.”

"I think I did not spend enough time with my friends and family because of studying and being abroad. I hope that in the future I’ll learn to balance my studies and relationships.”

"My biggest regret in 2019 is not stopping my friend from asking a girl out because it turned out to be very bad.”

"This semester has been really hard on me, so scheduling, probably. I’ve always been rushing, and this semester has changed a lot from [last] semester and I didn’t expect it, so it was difficult for me.”

"I don’t have anything I regret this semester, but I do have some qualities I want to improve next semester. I want to care about “myself.” At the beginning of this semester, I think I cared more about the environment that surrounds me. But next semester, I want to care about my emotions and my thoughts, so that I can focus on what I really want to do.”

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