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What are your plans for the winter holiday?
What are your plans for the winter holiday?
  • A. Dikhayeva, D.M. Kim, C.J.G. Cruz, and J.S. Lee
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"My plan for the winter is to go back to Guangzhou and meet up again with my high school friends. I am planning to crash [in] my friend’s house and just stay there for 3 weeks.”

"I'll be attending the Korean camp after this semester, but the second it ends I’m going right back home. I’ll hang out with my friends and family. And I might climb a mountain!”

"My plan for this winter vacation is to earn money for next semester’s expenses. And because I have to decide my major next semester, I’m going to think about that and talk to people about the future of the major and my job.”

"I have a Korean camp till around mid-January. For me, it is going to be the first time celebrating the New Year outside my home. After that, if I am going home, I want to spend more time with my family. If not, I want to find an internship in some start-up.”

"My main goal is building new skills in programming. Maybe learn a new hobby, hang out with my friends and family.”

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