2020-06-23 01:47 (Tue)
How do you think freshman courses should improve?
How do you think freshman courses should improve?
  • Z. Awan, S. W. Choi, H. B. Lee, and J. H. Cho
  • Approved 2020.06.23 01:47
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"I don’t mind the hard contents. But I think I’m more concerned with the lectures. I hope that the quality of the lectures will be improved significantly so that we can learn how to solve the hard homework."

"Freshman courses should be pass/fail grade if it is not in our chosen major"

"Provide students with the answer of the assignments and homework."

"I did meet some professors who did not deliver the contents well and clearly enough. Professors should take part in letting the students understand the importance and reason behind basic courses."

"I wish they would adjust the level of difficulty of assignments. And it’s so inconvenient that there is no other anonymous platform except Final Course Evaluation that allows students to voice their opinions. It’s not an issue that’s easy to bring up directly without

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