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Main Road Under Reconstruction To Improve Pedestrian Passage
Main Road Under Reconstruction To Improve Pedestrian Passage
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It is the month of November. Winter is coming to KAIST and this year the cold has come surprisingly early. The sudden drop in temperature will make you want to stay in your rooms as you bundle up in layers and drink something nice and hot. If you do ever have to go outside, you may enjoy the rare moments of silence that comes along with the winter season, but not this semester. Instead, the air may be filled with the sound of jackhammers and construction vehicles.

From November 4 to December 18, there will be construction work taking place on the main road area of the campus. The purpose of this construction is to improve the quality of the pedestrian roads on the side of the main road. The span of this construction will range from the main gate to the auditorium.

Due to this construction, there will be several obstacles and hazards in the roads and an overall narrowing of the width of the road. The early stages of construction will make access to the main gate and the International Scholar and Student Services (ISSS) more hazardous due to the concentrated traffic and construction crew present in the area. Please be cautious when going down the main road, particularly on bike at that time.

Along with the increased congestion, there will be a large volume of noise from all the work. Fortunately, as the work is done on the main roads, dormitories most likely will not be affected by the noise, but nearby facilities such as libraries, the Creative Learning Building (E11), and the International Scholar and Student Services Building (W2-1) will be affected due to their proximity. So plan accordingly to deal with the noise. If you find that you personally have a problem with the noise and wish to express concern or file a complaint, you may contact the Facilities Management Team at 042-350-2394.

The halfway point of this semester has been reached, and the outdoor conditions are starting to become a little wary. Along with caution of the construction ahead, please take care of your health and safety from the drop in temperatures and the weather that lies ahead!

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