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Identity: Yours, Mine, Ours
Identity: Yours, Mine, Ours
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“I want an identity of my own, but I am afraid. I am not confident that I will be able to make it.” These were the words of a girl whom I had met during a trip last week. When I consider these words deeply, a question comes to my mind; “What do you even mean by making it in the world?” If it really is the embodiment of your passion, then why are so many disappointed? Her voice trembled as she uttered those words, and at that single moment, I wished that I could help her fight away all prejudices and obligations, tear apart social norms that had kept her bound, and see her eventually ride on the waves of all of her dreams.

This is not the story of just one person; it is the story of all of us, who resort to acceptance and find substitutes for our wishes and desires. It is difficult to put in numbers how many of us feel the same way, every single day of our lives. When I look at it, I visualize a mouse on a wheel, constantly yearning for a better life, a “better position”, a “higher status” in our world, and to be a name well known and to be accepted, in the midst of the demeaning society. Sadly, so many of our wishes are lost in the dust of compromise and acceptance.

The very moment that we are born into this world, the web starts coming into frame - the web to hold us onto the truth that the world wants us to believe. Fame, money and prestige somehow override and silence our inner voice. As we grow up, we look at everybody around us fighting for the same resources, we look around into emptiness, and visualize the small dreams that we had, but they all seems so small. And instead of grabbing them, we give up on them and get into the crowd fighting the same battle, the fake battle. Ironically, we aid the making of this web, tying us to the reality that we believe in. The biggest fight is not against the contorted opinion that rules the world. This fight is against ourselves - our own beliefs that we have clung on to, all our lives.

We end up spending too much time planning and thinking about tomorrow that we forget to live each and every moment of the present. Being a part of one of the most advanced science and technology schools within the country, we hold a heavy load of expectations to achieve breakthroughs on our shoulders. There is fear, the fear of failure, and the fear that all of our efforts would be in vain. This fear is within us, pulling us down, prompting us to take the safer and the less tumultuous path. The only question is will you defy that fear that holds you down, and tread on the road less travelled?

There are many questions and the answers cannot be obtained without a struggle. To fly, a bird has to first overcome its fear and spread its wings with a huge amount of force coupled with tremendous will. Being scared, staying stuck in our comfort zones, and living with the pest of compromise and acceptance will lead to nothing but regrets. It is the time to break free,; reach out for your skies. The path calls to you!

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