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[Policies Today] In KAIST
[Policies Today] In KAIST
  • Ah Hyun Kim Senior Staff Reporter
  • Approved 2015.06.03 23:32
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New Amendment for the Double and Minor Major Students

With the help from Undergraduate Student Council, the school finally noticed amendment of school register regulation starting this semester. There have been two big changes that could greatly affect undergraduate students, especially who are exceeding their regular eight semesters on study in KAIST, and for those who hope to apply for the double or minor major. These new changes was much welcomed by some KAIST undergraduate students who exceeded or are planning to exceed their regular years due to double or minor majors. I am sure it is for the best especially for undergraduate students with their tuition fee collection deferred.

Amendment on the Rules on Selection of Majors and Application for Early Graduation

There have been ongoing complaints regarding constraints on applying for double or minor majors for undergraduate students. According to previous policy, only students who have earned at least 33 credits, but no more than 98 credits, during undergraduate years could apply for a minor or double major. Acknowledging the fact that KAIST students take 15 to 18 credits on average per each semester, this policy only allows for students who are in their sophomore or junior years to apply for their double or minor majors. As a result, this has aroused many complaints among senior year students or students who are studying in KAIST for more than 8 semesters. Their claim is understandable when encountering the fact that most students who are undergoing minor major course or especially double major course tend to study more than 8 semesters in KAIST. Due to more academic credits and requirements they have to fulfill, double major or minor major students easily stay in KAIST for longer years as undergraduate students and many make decisions of their majors during their senior years or even after their 8th semester. Hence, the restriction on applying for double or minor major has really been a big obstacle or pressure for these students.

After accommodating many students’ claim for change, the Rules on Selection of Majors was amended and starting August 20th 2014, the rule changed as to students who satisfy the requirements for a minor or double major are now permitted to apply for a minor or double major; even in the graduating semester. However, deferment of the collection of tuition fees for any semester exceeding the time limit on study is not applicable for these students.

Amendment on the Rules on Collection of Tuition Fees

This new change was also accomplished after many students’ enthusiastic crave and longing. The previous policy was beneficial only for students admitted before the year 2010. Only for these students, the collection of tuition fees for a minor or double major exceeding the time limit on study is deferred. However, with the new change, the collection of tuition fees for a minor or double major exceeding their time limit on study is deferred for undergraduate students. This change of deferment on collection of tuition fee was much welcomed by many undergraduate students as it helps to relieve their pressure for graduation in financial aspect.

With these new amendments, I expect that there will be increases in number of students applying for double and minor majors. This increase in students for double and minor majors is not unique only in KAIST. There is an increase in tendency that many college students are considering double majors not as options but more as an half mandatory university course due to rise in competition for better representations of oneself in order to make oneself more competitive. I am not certain if I can view this phenomenon only positively, but I can assure it will last for more than one may think.

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