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The Pop industry in 2014
The Pop industry in 2014
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Unlike the more esoteric genres of music - classical, jazz, or heavy metal - pop is easy to listen to. There is relatively less background knowledge required to appreciate it. Not only that, we can easily relate to the lyrics and social networking services have made it even easier to worship singers who have become cult leaders. It would be weirder if pop was not popular. So why not get into the festive year-end atmosphere, grab a friend or two and go to a pop concert this winter?

Interpark tells me that more than any other year, this year’s December is chock-full of concerts performed by the entertainment industry’s biggest names. Playful as ever, “world star” Psy, who rocked the world with his easy-to-follow, jolly music video “Gangnam Style” dance, is back with his concert “Santi-Claus”. Other than releasing his new single “Hangover” this June, Psy has been relatively quiet this year. Whether you want a noisy end to 2014 or a chaotic start to 2015, Psy will give you just that.

The pop industry is nearly always eventful. This year, sadly, fans had more things to be grief-stricken by than be happy about. Hae-chul Shin, also dubbed “the Satan” for his exuding sense of charisma and his gift for conversing, became the victim of an unbelievable medical malpractice. Two-members of the five-member girl group Ladies’ Code also passed away due to a car accident. Jessica, a member of the nine-member girl group Girl’s Generation made an unprecedented and much publicized exit from her group,

However, as cloudy and melancholy as this year has been, this year has seen a lot of comebacks of big names. Tae-ji Seo , the original pop prodigy who was the cult leader of all high school girls in the 90s came back with his music video Sogyeokdong, which, with the added collaboration with IU, killed the charts earlier this year. Seo’s music is different. It is not for nothing that he confesses in interviews that he is sicked and tired of being the cultural icon of the country, Quite honestly, pop’s popularity owes itself to some extent to familiar tunes, melodies and lyrics. But each of Seo’s song present to the ear something completely unheard of. According to research, when we listen to music, we are continually in the process of predicting the next note. If the song is too easily predictable or impossible to predict, we are less inclined to like the music, but if its “predictable enough” we have a high chance of liking the music. Although veering a little on the ‘hard to predict’ side, Seo’s music is fresh and invigorating, and gives you the power and motivation to start your day.To listen to Seo-taiji’s exciting and eccentric songs announced in his new album “Quiet Night” , go to the concert of the same name also taking place in the Seoul Olympic Stadium on December 30 and 31. On a similar note, ballad singers Dong-ryul Kim and Hyo-shin Park have made comebacks this year. The former is known for his mellow, gentle and slow singing voice. Although he’s been around in this industry for several years, his public appearances are so few. What made his name known to the younger generation was undoubtedly the 2012 film “Architecture 101” starring top idol star, Suzy. In the most emotionally climactic moment of the movie, Kim’s song “The Drawing of Memory” is played. The song’s mysterious sense of nostalgia has gripped many spectators. So, this year when he came back with a collection of new songs that touched the heart so wistfully, people were ready to embrace it. Kim, however, for whatever reason is not holding any Christmas concerts.

Hyo-shin Park whose astoundingly beautiful and artistic song “Wildflower” proved his standing as the King of Ballad, is holding a 15-year commemoration live tour in major cities in Korea. If Dong-ryul Kim was a gentle, emotional guy, whose music has a ‘feel-good’ factor, Park’s music is so earnestly sung, that the melody echoes in your head endlessly.

Regardless of your preference in music, there are so many concerts going on this winter that, there is bound to be something for everyone. So, get browsing, find a friend and go to a concert. What better way is there to bid farewell to another year and await for a new start than go to a concert?

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