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ISSS Sponsors Country-based Group Activities
ISSS Sponsors Country-based Group Activities
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As per the growing number of international students flocking through the gates of KAIST, the International Scholar and Student Services (ISSS) has ventured on a new program to enhance the link of students and alumni coming from similar backgrounds. The program was launched to foster social and academic cooperation and bring together students from the same corners of the globe. In hopes to create a wider yet intricate and interactive environment for the international alumni network, the ISSS has started providing financial incentives to organized groups of international students based on nationality. The ISSS is planning to give funds to groups of three or more students, who gather regularly to engage in any sort of activity.

A wide range of activities involving any shared interests among members may be used. These may span from regular sports events to creative workshops or cultural meet-ups. The program extends to anyone enrolled as an international student in KAIST. Undergraduates, masters, doctorates, exchange and dual degree programs students are all eligible to apply. The sponsorship money would be given based on the number of active members in the group. ISSS provides a hundred USD for groups of ten students or less.

However, ISSS was careful enough not to marginalize countries with the fewest number of enrolled students. And as such, nations with fewer than three students are allowed to organize a group in union with students from other countries of the same continent. Moreover, to encourage the growth of the groups, ISSS plans to provide an additional 100 USD for every ten extra students inducted into the group. The groups are required to submit reports, coupled with photos, on the weekly activities they conduct so that every week’s activities can be gauged. The group activities are planned to start up until November 10.

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