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Annual International Sports Festival to be Inaugurated
Annual International Sports Festival to be Inaugurated
  • Simeneh S. Gulelat International Reporter
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     The first ever Daejeon sports day for internationals has been pitched under the banner of “The first annual athletics competition for foreign students from the Daejeon Metropolitan city”. The festival which is due to be held on the first day of the coming October by the Daejeon international center, will commence in the auditorium at KT human resource development. Under the day-long event, which will take place starting from 9:00 am until 4:30 pm, international students from 10 universities around the near Daejeon area are expected to come together to engage in a variety of activities in the program. The program is anticipated to bring together around 100 players from each of the 10 universities, putting the ultimate number of entrants close to a thousand.

     The sports festival pioneers mutual esteem and communication of international students in its singular ambition to bring together the foreign residents of the city under the precept of sportsmanship. The event is planned to make sure that every individual who participates will be encouraged to get involved in as many physical activities as possible by (making) competitions such Wave jumping, Tug of war and 10 people 11 feet mandatory for everyone.

     In addition, the competitors will have the chance to test their athletic might in a wide assortment of games ranging from Tower building to Shoe archery to Giant baton relay. However, the highlight of the event is the inter-university games where the 10 universities will face against one another in several games to see which university is indeed the (athletically) superior institute of higher education in the city.

     To level out the intense sweat and adrenaline fest raving throughout the day, the organizing team of the festival has collocated a talent show which will either be held in parallel or in the wake of sports event. This will give a stage for the artistically gifted lot in the crowd to showcase their imaginative and creative sides.

     The Daejeon International Center extends its invitation to every international student studying in the city. Students who wish to enter the festival are required to submit their request of participation to the international office the university as soon as possible.

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