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Mural Painting Program Underway, New TOPIK Preparation Classes Opened
Mural Painting Program Underway, New TOPIK Preparation Classes Opened
  • Simeneh S. Gulelat International Reporter
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     Art is a way of self-expression. Anyone, given the impetus to doodle and experiment, can produce an art piece that highlights the quirks of his/her imagination in a unique and intuitive manner. It is with this spirit that ISSS has recently launched a mural painting program that seeks to realize that need. ISSS has invited all members of the KAIST family to stream their artistic creativity onto their own pieces of art which will be added to the mural to be displayed at the International Building (W-2).

     Any alteration of the submitted artworks is avoided as each paper is to be scanned and positioned so as to remain in its original form on the mural. Several different art pieces are then juxtaposed together to create a collage-like display. The subject matter of the paintings is free from any form of restriction. ISSS has also extended the invitation to parents who want to showcase their children’s artworks. Among those submitted, 20 to 30 drawings will be included in the final mural. ISSS requires all submissions be handed in before June 25.

     In a separate story, a new set of intensive Korean language classes for international students will open, designed to help lighten the load of preparing for the inevitable exam all need to pass before graduation. These classes, which are primarily geared towards preparing foreigners for their second grade TOPIK qualification exam, are set to be operated by the KAIST Language Center. The classes will be conducted in two courses of sessions covering similar content.

     Each session is planned to have about 40 hours of study on vocabulary and grammar as well as basic communication skills such as listening and reading. Moreover, each session will include another 40 hours’ worth of Q&A sessions. The first session, from July 4 to 29, is followed by an optional session conducted the following month from August 1 to 29. Each classroom, in its full capacity, will have around 12 students. The language center recommends that students who register for the class finish the Basic Korean level I and II entry classes offered by the School of Humanities and Social Sciences. Those interested may register for the classes at the Language Center’s homepage at lang.kaist.ac.kr.

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