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Central Election Commission Reformed
Central Election Commission Reformed
  • Juhoon Lee Junior Staff Reporter
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     The scandal surrounding the previous Central Election Commission (CEC), the organization in charge of overseeing the undergraduate student council election, resulted in the dismissal of the chairperson and the subsequent resignations from the remaining members. In response, the Undergraduate Student Council (USC) assembled a new CEC. The seven newly-appointed members, with differing backgrounds and experience, now lead the election process to the finish line. In lieu of the upcoming 31st KAIST Undergraduate Student Council Elections, The KAIST Herald interviewed CEC member Hyunsuk Chung answering on the behalf of the entire group.

CEC Member Hyunsuk Chung

Despite the chaos surrounding the previous CEC, what motivated the current members to join CEC?

     [The new members] discussed about [the motivation behind joining CEC] the first time we met and it was about preventing the election from collapsing. We also think it’s the responsibility as a member of KAIST student body.

What is the mission or the vision of CEC?

     We don’t know about a mission statement, but we would say that CEC is about making things go on schedule and on time. It’s not about us having a mission, but making sure everything goes cleanly and without any interferences.

What kind of relationship do you have with the Undergraduate Student Council?

     Not much. Aside from the fact that the current president is part of CEC.

What problems or challenges have you faced during the process of preparing for the 31st KAIST Undergraduate Student Council Elections in December?

     Actually, not too much. Just the fact that we don’t have a desk in our office.

Do you feel pressured by the amount of time you have?

     No, not really. If you saw the announcement [about the Central Election], the voting is going to take place online and that took care of a lot of things we had to do previously. We’re not running short on time.

What are the most important tasks on focus at the moment?

     Right now, we’re receiving applications for the candidates. And since this is the first time we’re trying online voting, we’re planning on making some [guidelines] to make sure everyone knows how to vote online and in the system. And to make sure [the system] is safe and everyone knows it’s safe.

What plans have been made to increase student voter turnout rate for the Central Election at KAIST?

     [CEC is] focusing on Facebook and making a Facebook page. The online voting system was part of that — everyone can vote more easily and you don’t have to go to a voting booth.

How do you plan to increase the involvement of the international community at KAIST?

     Actually, we think that’s a bit more than our [focus]. We’re making sure every announcement goes in English, [though]. Getting people interested in politics is not within our jurisdiction.

Lastly, do you have a message for the student body of KAIST?

     Please vote!

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