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2016 ID KAIST Graduation Show: CONNECTED
2016 ID KAIST Graduation Show: CONNECTED
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The Department of Industrial Design at KAIST held its 2016 ID KAIST Graduation Show starting on November 6 and lasting until November 13. With a unique theme every semester, the show revolved around the theme of “CONNECTED”. By doing so, the department proposed its role as a connecting point in a fast-changing society through distinctive methods of ID KAIST.

Just like the past exhibitions, the department’s exhibition this year also offered a wide range of works by a diverse group of students. With regard to technology, one student’s graduation project involved a fully-mechanized mailbox that allowed young children at preschool to connect with their parents (Doori Noori); another’s featured a completely analog design for quick candle-making (MELT). Considering the variety of users, there were some projects that were targeted for everyone, such as the SONI-B, an augmentation of tooth brushing through auditory feedback that will eliminate bad habits; on the other hand, there were also specialized ones like Carrie, a supporting device carrying objects for patients of lumbar disc disease. Overall, each graduate proposed his or her own way of connecting with something, whether it be family, health, or even themselves.

To shine light on a couple of exhibits, one graduate constructed a board game based on the popular setting of the Imjin War of 1592. Among the first board games to be based on Korean events, the 1592 Imjin Haejeon provides a mode of interaction among friends and family while educating players on Korean history. The inclusion of detailed miniatures, colored dice, and a unique set of instructions add to the distinctiveness and fun provided by the game.

Another notable project featured a device that allows users to connect with their own past. A small, pad-like device, the UMorph captures pictures of the user along with the date and provides a way to easily browse through one’s own facial changes. With a scissor-extension mechanism, the device offers a realistic way of looking back at one’s pictures.

The 2016 ID KAIST Graduation Show featured many more creative ideas.

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