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Spotlight: Three Webtoons you should be reading
Spotlight: Three Webtoons you should be reading
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Are you a prospective webtoon fan, unsure of which webtoon to start with? Or are you already  a fan, looking for some interesting new reads? Whichever you are, you do not have to worry any longer; chosen from those that are ongoing or complete and accessible without charge, here are three webtoons that will be worth your time.

-Mask Girl

Momi, a normal office worker, has a perfect glamorous body but a very ugly face (her name, after all, is the reversed form of mimo, the Korean word for beauty). Though discouraged because of her appearance, she has always dreamed of becoming a celebrity. Her way of coping with reality is internet broadcasting under the Broadcasting Jockey (BJ) name “Mask Girl”, wearing a mask to cover her face while showing off her body. The story starts off as a comedy but escalates quickly into a thriller as Momi, unable to overcome the pressures of reality and her feelings of inferiority, fails to control her impulses and drives herself to catastrophe.


A word of warning: this webtoon is rated for ages 19 and over. And for a good reason, too. Naver’s Mask Girl delivers a realistic and bitter message about lookism, society’s obsession with appearance and bias towards the “beautiful”, using pretty strong devices. All characters are crooked and flawed, some to the extent of being psychotic, and the realization that they are actually a reflection of ourselves will send a chill down your spine. Though it may leave you mentally battered, this is a webtoon that will definitely leave you thinking.


-The Pale Horse

The Pale Horse, an ongoing series on its second season on Daum, is probably one of the most criticized webtoons on its platform for frequent tardiness and unannounced breaks. Yet, it manages to maintain a large and stable fanbase because of its stunning artwork, captivating presentation, and excellent description of the human mind. Although classified as a fantasy romance genre, the story is mostly serious and grim — not surprising, considering the fact that the title The Pale Horse refers to the horse ridden by Death, one of the Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, in the Book of Revelation.


The story is set in France, 1835, and centered on a small village girl named Rose Dupre. 12-year-old Rose has lived her entire life being labeled as the “witch’s daughter” and thus shunned by other village children. Pierre Grand is her best and only friend whom she has a crush on. Crying after a small quarrel with Pierre, Rose blunders into the forbidden forest of the witch; who she meets there turns her life around completely, and the gripping story of a witch whose existence brings nothing but death and destruction unfolds.


The unexpected plot twists and elaborate character development of The Pale Horse will keep readers on the edge of their seats from beginning to end. For those of you who are fans of drama and psychotic love-hate relationships, this webtoon will definitely be your cup of tea.


-Happy If You Died

Chief Baek is a handsome but severely belittling and misogynistic middle-aged man. On a daily basis, every one of his subordinates, tattered by his abusive attitude, thinks the same thing: “I wish Chief Baek would die.” One day, the universe somehow decides to grant their wish, with a slight twist. Every time someone wishes Baek would die, he dies (for real). However, the day will start over, and the only ones aware of the repeating day are Chief Baek and Luda, the female protagonist. To return to a normal day, Luda must transform Chief Baek into a gentleman loved by everyone.


Happy If You Died is quite different in style from the two rather heavy webtoons mentioned above. A comedy to its roots, it maintains a convivial atmosphere throughout the entire story. Perhaps the most distinguishing characteristic of this webtoon is that while the abundant comedy elements makes it easy to read and take in, they are also adeptly controlled by the author so that the main storyline is not obscured. Then there is its unpredictability factor — with its unique subject and pathbreaking plot development, Happy If You Died constantly keeps its readers wondering what will happen next. Once you start reading, you will find yourself clicking on the next episode until you’ve read the whole thing!


Happy If You Died has been completed as of October 25 with 61 episodes in total and is available for free on Daum.



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