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KISA Elects New President
KISA Elects New President
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On December 9, the KAIST International Students Association (KISA) announced the results of the 2016 KISA presidential election. The sole candidate of this year’s election, Sanzhar Kerimbeck, has been officially elected as the next president of KISA.

The election was held on December 8 from 12 p.m. to 2 p.m. Voting booths were set up in the three major school cafeterias — Kaimaru (N11), East Cafeteria (E5), and West Cafeteria (W2) — and the Creative Learning Building (E11), and only international students were allowed to vote. Similar to the previous KISA election, the vote was a simple vote of confidence due to there being only one candidate, and voters chose either “yes” or “no” for Kerimbeck. The total vote ended with 71.9% of voters saying “yes” for Kerimbeck’s presidency.

Kerimbeck has previously worked for KISA for three consecutive semesters, having been a part of the KISA Division of Public Relations and the Division of Events, and acting as the director of the Division of Promotions and Publicity. In his manifesto for candidacy, Kerimbeck stated three primary goals for his tenure. Firstly ,increased recognition of the KAIST international community. He stated that KISA will act as a sensible voice to spread the will and values of the student body to KAIST and local communities within Daejeon. Secondly, better advertisement of KISA and the KAIST international student body. Lamenting the seemingly short and untapped reach of KISA, Kerimbeck promises to fully utilize KISA’s resources to effectively advertise KISA’s activities and the strong diversity of the KAIST international community. Finally, a more open and accessible KISA. Kerimbeck is seeking to provide new platforms that allow easier access to and contact with KISA and more effective methods of gathering popular public views. In addition, Kermibeck promises to open up the KISA council, turning it into a platform accessible by anyone, not just elected members.

Kerimbeck will begin his time as president of KISA starting from January 1 2017.

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