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Highlights on Nintendo's New Release
Highlights on Nintendo's New Release
  • Duman Kuandyk Junior Staff Reporter
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On March 3, Nintendo released its new console, the Nintendo Switch. After a few weeks of sales, it had already become the fastest-selling Nintendo product in history, giving hope to the company after consecutive years of financial losses.

Known as NX in development, Nintendo Switch is a “hybrid console” that allows players to use it in a variety of modes: it can be connected to the TV via dock station, or it may be removed to be played like a tablet. Wireless Joy-Con controllers are the most distinctive features of this newly released console. Gamers can use the Joy-Con for hand-held play by attaching controllers to both sides of the console or by arranging them such that the Switch can be played in a classical gamepad mode. Alternatively, one may use the Joy-Con as a remote controller, just like a Wii Remote.

Immediately after its release, Nintendo Switch gained thorough attention of the gaming industry. Critics appreciated the promising potential of a new console, but were disappointed due to the software bugs, which are likely to be fixed in upcoming updates. Currently, the console still has numerous problems regarding both hardware and software, including troubles with data synchronizing.

Some of the features of the Nintendo Switch were comical. For example, once connected, the console would charge the laptop, not the other way around. Also, in order to protect children from choking on the game cartridges, Nintendo intentionally made their cartridges taste horrible by adding denatonium — a chemical compound innocuous to humans, but infamous for its bitter taste.

Despite their troubles with sales in the past, Nintendo is slowly but surely making a comeback. The company hopes to compete against consoles like Xbox and PS4, and is counting on the Nintendo Switch to win them the race. Even though it is too early to make a final judgement on its new product, it is clear that Nintendo Switch is going to be at least a relative hit for Nintendo.

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