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KAIST Students Win Minister’s Award
KAIST Students Win Minister’s Award
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Jae-hyun Lee, Hui-min Shin, and Hyun-ki Kim from the Department of Aerospace Engineering won the Minister’s Award of Trade, Industry, and Energy of Korea at the Research Paper Competition hosted by the Korea Aerospace Industries (KAI). Prizes included 1,200 USD, as well as an opportunity to attend international airshows held abroad. The three students’ advisor, Professor “David” Hyunchul Shim, was awarded the Special Achievement Award for his contribution to the paper.

Held on November 11, this was the 14th Research Paper Competition hosted by KAI. The competition was originally initiated in 2003 in order to foster academic interest and instigate research in the field of aerospace engineering. Throughout the history of the competition, there have been over 350 papers submitted and over 80 of them have been published. With the mission of becoming a global leader in aerospace, KAI is a leading company in research and service in this field, and this particular paper competition is one of the most prominent of its study.

The paper, composed by Lee, Shin, and Kim, introduced an innovative model of design for a virtual-fighterpilot system used in unmanned combat aerial vehicles that enabled engagement in mass aerial combat.

The Minister’s Award of Trade, Industry, and Energy of Korea is one of the two most honorary awards in the competition, along with the Minister’s Award of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport of Korea.

Professor Shim stated, “This is a great honor for our students. Recently, the world has seen an increase in research in unmanned aerial systems. I hope KAIST will continue to lead and inspire research in this area.”

The award-winning paper is available at http://www.koreaaero.com/

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