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Life in KAIST: Escape!
Life in KAIST: Escape!
  • Ji Yun Kim Senior Staff Reporter
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As we approach the end of March, we find ourselves drawn over with the dark cloud of approaching doom: midterm exams. With the excitement and anticipation for the new semester almost completely faded away, we desperately feel the need to escape, but simply can’t find the time to do so. Even with the prevalent desire for something fancy, Dunsan-dong, the outer “boundary”, is a tad too far. The same old Eoeun-dong and Gung-dong, is still same old. It seems like the perfect time for the discovery of a great, unfamiliar getaway close to school.

3mk offers just that. Located just behind the Homeplus nearest to our school, it offers its customers a scrumptious selection of Spanish cuisine. They have a great lunch menu with fragrant, freshly roasted coffee, as well as an à la carte menu that can be ordered with wine at night. I had a chance to try their most popular menu: Barcelona squid ink paella and 3mk beef brisket salad pasta. The paella was visually unusual, with the mildly black sauce covering every inch of the dish except the seafood toppings. The rice was cooked just right and the sauce had a very soothing hint of seafood and cream, with a zest of lemon adding to the flavor. The salad pasta was pleasantly refreshing and its sweet and savory sauce made it a great accompaniment to the paella as well. Located near school and offering a unique menu, 3mk is definitely a welcomed place for escape from our busy lives.




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