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Upcoming: La La Land Coming to Seoul
Upcoming: La La Land Coming to Seoul
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On June 3, Seoul will officially become a “City of Stars” as it was sung in the American box office hit, La La Land. Fake Virgin Seoul has officially announced that La La Land In Concert: A Live To Film Celebration will start its Korean tour on June 3. It will have its performance at the Seoul Lotte Concert Hall on June 3 and 4 before leaving to Busan for its Busan concert on June 6 at the Busan KBS Hall.

The concert will feature all the OSTs from the box office hit, played live by a jazz orchestra led by composer Justin Hurwitz. The tickets for the concert are still being sold, so if you’re lucky, you’ll be able to get yourself a ticket before it all sells out. The price of the tickets are as follows: R 150,000 KRW, S 100,000 KRW, A 80,000 KRW, and B 60,000 KRW. Although the concert is certainly not on the cheaper side of the spectrum, it is definitely something that you can look into if you are looking forward to a rather eventful night between you and your partner.

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