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Second Daejeon Sports Day for International Students
Second Daejeon Sports Day for International Students
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On May 27, the second Daejeon Sports Day for International Students will take place. Hosted by the Daejeon Metropolitan City and organized by the Daejeon International Center, the event will last from 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Daejeon Hanbit General Stadium and Chungmu Gymnasium and serve as a unique opportunity for the international community in Daejeon to get together and spend an entire day competing with each other and having fun.

Students from 10 different universities across Daejeon and Chungcheongnam-do will participate, including KAIST, Chungnam National University, Pai Chai University, Mokwon University, and so on. Students who were interested in participating in the events filled out a survey, and up to 100 students per university are expected to attend. Participants will be provided accommodation, food, and a souvenir.

The event is composed of a myriad of not-sotypical sporting events including seven-legged races, giant ball rolling, comic limbo, and tiny-ball basketball. In addition to the primary games, there will be a guest K-pop performance and a talent show to showcase the various performances and abilities of the many talented individuals in the international community. A major difference this year compared to last year is the prize money: a total pool of 1,000,000 KRW is available to the top three at 500,000 KRW, 300,000 KRW, and 200,000 KRW apiece. To top it all off, a separate raffle will be available to all participants and visitors, touting prizes such as a digital camera and Bluetooth earbuds.

The second Daejeon Sports Day for International Students takes place a mere seven months after its launch. Daejeon Sports Day for International Students was created as Daejeon’s first city-wide sporting event for international students during a time when the only sporting days available were at the national and university levels. The creators and organizers hope the event “provides a chance for mutual communication and harmony [and] provide the opportunity for physical education” and “promote local patriotism for Daejeon”.

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