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Life in KAIST: Moelleux
Life in KAIST: Moelleux
  • Han Hee Jang Junior Staff Reporter
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Long-loved by many KAISTians over the years, 1114 has closed down and united with its brother, 1117. However, it’s not just sad news for various gourmets of KAIST that haunt Eoeun-dong for delicious cuisine. Replacing 1114, is Moelleux, selling fresh pastry everyday.

Its modest and minimalistic appearance is unrevealing and in first sight, it’s hard to tell what it’s selling. But once you go inside, you will be amazed by the clean and vintage look the shop adopts. The small shop is quite distant from the view 1114 once had, miniature and almost quaint. Inside lies a counter decorated with various coffee beans it sells and showcasing different kinds of pastries it sells for the day, in addition to two tables and a few chairs.

The desserts they sell are amazing, but they are limited in quantity since only one pâtissier takes care of the baking. The price differs per pastry, but is around 6000 KRW. It sells brewing coffee as well, hot coffee for 3500 KRW and ice coffee for 4000 KRW. It also sells in addition, a unique type of coffee that changes every once in awhile. Anyone who wants a high-quality dessert should consider visiting Moelleux.

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