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ISSS Launches Student Coaching Service
ISSS Launches Student Coaching Service
  • Simeneh Gulelat Head of Intl
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In light of the prospective rise of the international populace in campus, the International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) has launched a dedicated academic coaching service to help international students easily adjust to life at KAIST. The coaching program helps to alleviate the hardships of the KAIST international students that are not resolved with adequate mentorship and guidance from professors and faculty. International students at KAIST are more likely to fall victim to the challenges of adapting to the foreign college atmosphere by themselves without the necessary, but often overlooked, supervision from a senior or faculty. In addition, international students suffer from the added difficulty of adapting to the Korean academic system.

This is where ISSS stepped in to level the playing field. The new program launched by ISSS aims to provide an all-rounded counsel for international students in areas ranging from academics to communication, as well as time management skills. Students who are struggling with their grades or those who are having trouble trying to catch up in class may reap the benefits of coaching sessions that are focused on their individual problems. The service, which is provided free of cost, is tailored to create one-on-one discourse between the international student and the mentor. Moreover, the program, which is more geared towards incoming freshmen, also provides tutoring sessions for freshmen courses such as mathematics, physics, and programming.

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