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KAIST International Community Celebrates the Year-End
KAIST International Community Celebrates the Year-End
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KAIST international community gathered in celebration of the year-end on December 5 at the KAIST Auditorium (E15). This year, the community made the year-end party very special, expressing their appreciation in a touching way at the event hosted by the International Scholar and Student Services (ISSS). Nearly 650 international faculty, students, and their family members joined the party.

Currently, 184 faculty members and researchers from 29 countries are working at KAIST, with 901 international students from 92 countries enrolled.

The two-hour party offered them a chance to enjoy a wide variety of activities and events, including dance performances, student performances, games, and dinner.

The party also had an award ceremony. Prior to the event, a survey was taken from November 9 to December 5 asking international scholars and students which on-campus team they were most thankful for this year. Candidates for the survey were: Safety and Security Team, Student Affairs Team, Campus Police, dormitory supervisors, and campus cleaning staff. Approximately 470 scholars and students responded to the survey, and 214 voted for the campus cleaning staff (45.5%).

Ms. Myeongja Kim, a director of the cleaning staff in the undergraduate zone, received the award on behalf of the entire cleaning staff. President Sung-Chul Shin conferred the award.

President Shin, in his welcoming remarks, said that globalization is his priority and an urgent mission. To make KAIST more globalized, he said he will focus on three agendas: to make the campus KAIST a more welcoming environment for international community; to make campus more inclusive and diverse; and to enhance the global visibility of KAIST more proactively.

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