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Heading for a Happier Campus
Heading for a Happier Campus
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November 20 saw the return of the KAIST Happy Campus Campaign program. Now in its sixth year, this week-long program aims to offer opportunities for students to gain a mental boost and to provide an outlet for their worries. The organizers, K-Let and G-inK, with supervision from the Global Leadership Center, have built on experience gained over five years, and this year catered for over 600 student and staff participants.

This year, the KAIST Clinic Pappalardo Center (E21) used the campaign week to highlight its new group therapy counseling program, entitled “Overcoming Perfectionism”. This program, which runs on Friday mornings at the clinic, will address and aim to help understand perfectionist thought processes. The sessions started on December 1 with applications open up to the day before.

Posters for both programs have appeared across campus with the aim of reaching all students who feel perpetually stressed and tired, pushed to their limits by the volume of work and the competition between classmates. Timed to coincide with the run-up to the final exams, both initiatives aim to combat rising anxiety.

Two Happy Campus Campaign activities were offered to students: writing messages of thanks to fellow students or faculty as they chose, and the consideration of the question “What makes your heart beat?”

Provided to fuel participants’ efforts, free coffee and snacks were gratefully received at the booth in the Creative Learning Building (E11). For further motivation, the campaign team handed out branded eco bags, and selected the five best or most interesting responses to this year’s value question, whose authors received prizes.

The focus of the campaign — to encourage reflection on the good aspects of life — and the social interaction provided through the thank you letters led to many happy moments over the course of the week, especially for the recipients of the letters, of which over a hundred were delivered every day of the campaign.

“Overcoming Perfectionism” is currently only open to Korean-speaking students, with no indication of an equivalent to be provided in English. To apply or ask questions, contact the Stress Clinic at 042-350-0540.

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