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2018 KAIST Career Fair: What Awaits After Graduation?
2018 KAIST Career Fair: What Awaits After Graduation?
  • Hye-eun Jeong Staff Reporter
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Earlier this month, the 2018 First Half-Year KAIST · POSTECH · UNIST Career Fair was hosted on campus. It took place over three days from March 6 to March 8 in the Lyu Keun-chul Sports Complex (N3) from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. Posters for the event could be seen throughout the campus, inviting all interested students to the experience.

Although the fair was organized and run by the Graduate Student Councils (GSCs) from the three universities, many undergraduate students attended the event as well — either out of pure curiosity or to talk to firms that were recruiting undergraduate students.

Over 40 corporations visited the campus, some of which were Netmarble, LINE, Lotte Chemical, Samsung Bioepis, Celltrion, Kakao, PUBG Corporation, Coupang, CJ Group, Posco, SK innovation, and many more. There was a relaxed environment underlying the fair, which was organized with rows of booths where students could freely walk around and converse with the representatives of the companies.

One of the most common concerns that most university students share is the lack of a clear path after graduation — and this fair was the place to be to learn more about what the next steps could be. Along with the representatives, numerous brochures provided information about the majors different firms were looking for, which departments were recruiting this year, procedures for applying, and the workplace environment; the LINE booth could be seen with a TV showing the different social activities and workshops the employees participate in as a team.

This event stood out from most other career fairs because the passage of information was not one-sided. There were active attempts from the representatives to learn more about what students were looking for in firms. For example, the Coupang booth gave out surveys — in exchange for some of its goods — regarding what some of the most important qualifications for a workplace are, such as welfare, salary, working hours, and more.

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