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Column: When a Tsunami Hits Your Inner-self
Column: When a Tsunami Hits Your Inner-self
  • Yoo Hee Kang
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Disasters seem to happen most often when you are unprepared. Consequently, they give you a sensation of being hit by a tsunami. After the sudden blow, you are knocked out, simply lying empty handed, too bare and too cold to cry out for help. Even if you have the strength to do so, there is no one around to help. No one can help you overcome the inner disaster that you just encountered. Perhaps you may find it helpful to rely on the intricate pieces of advice and love from those cloesest to you. The inconvenient truth, however, is that it is completely up to you to save yourself. How will you do it?
Strategy #1 - Know Yourself: It is best to know why you exist. This may sound too simple and clichéd, but it cannot be emphasized enough that knowing who you are is the way to love yourself, which could finally lead to happiness. Finding and maintaining happiness within you will give you the strength to confront disasters. When dealing with inner conflict, you must become your own savior. In order to do so, you need to know yourself, which means you get to discover the reason for your existence; the value of your life has much more meaning than the materialistic things that many people seem to value. Do not be tricked into thinking that you are the definition of those materialistic things.

Strategy #2 - Love the World: Alright, this world is not a good place to live in because it gave you an unwanted present. Why do things not go right for you when everyone else seems to have a normal life? Why has this unwelcomed circumstance happened to you? Well, the list of complaints goes on; you become pessimistic not only about the situation but also about the world. After a few seconds of evaluating the disaster that just occurred, and with the world so full of unhappy scenes, you determine that the world is not for you. But remember that there are 2 sides of a coin to everything! Would you be happy if someone looked at you and judged you only by looking at your flaws and lacking qualities? No. So look at the world's good side; when you do so, you will realize that the world is still a good place. Love the world, and you will see a lot more to hold close to your heart.

Strategy #3. Enjoy the Ride: Think of whatever conflict you face as a game; this makes things much simpler. You have to somehow get out of a situation, and it is better if you can enjoy it. Just pretend that you are a problem solver, given the job of solving a complicated problem. When you enjoy the ride it will be done with quickly, and by the time the ride is all over, you will not only feel proud of yourself, but also satisfied that you overcame the obstacle. Well, overcoming whatever obstacle or disaster that lies in front of you adds to your experience, which adds to who you are and ultimately becomes your strength. Next time you face a different kind of disaster you will be able to attack it better; it is almost like the immune system. Once we become familiarized with the different types of disasters, we will be better at handling them.
After all, life is meant to be challenging, exciting, and full of unexpected adventures. After all, at the end of the day, the sea will be calm and you will be asleep, getting ready for the next day full of interesting journeys.

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