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Rappers Make a Surprise Visit to KAIST
Rappers Make a Surprise Visit to KAIST
  • Youngil Ko Junior Staff Reporter
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Zion.T and Song Mino talk with an international KAIST student

On March 4, famous Korean singers, Zion.T and Song Mino, made a surprise visit to KAIST to shoot for an upcoming JTBC entertainment show that will make its premiere this summer.

In the late morning, many KAIST students were beginning to enjoy strawberry parties in front of the main library. This was when Zion.T and Mino, along with camera crews, suddenly appeared to interview students enjoying the gatherings. Various KAISTians recognized the duo and gathered around the site to witness this rare occasion. The stars also had a walk up to Tae Wul Gwan (N13) and ate dinner in Kaimaru along with hundreds of students in the cafeteria.

Meanwhile, the show’s official name and date of premiere have not yet been unveiled. However, news of the two artists making a new hip-hop related entertainment show has been circulating since October last year. It is most likely that the new JTBC program will feature hip-hop clubs in universities around Korea, including Ghutto’s, KAIST’s undergraduate hip-hop club. In doing so, the show will introduce the campus life of KAISTians. It will be interesting to see how the show will depict KAIST in its premiere this summer.


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