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Saero Candidacy Disqualified After Warning
Saero Candidacy Disqualified After Warning
  • Kum Seok Nam Head of News Division
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On March 19, the 33rd KAIST USC Re-election Central Election Commission (CEC) announced the disqualification of the candidate party Saero from the 2019 Undergraduate Student Council (USC) Presidency Election campaign. Saero’s candidacy rights were revoked due to an accumulation of three warnings and three corrective commands from the CEC. The disqualification of Saero, the only valid candidate in the USC presidential election, entails the new establishment of the KAIST Emergency Response Committee.

Article 60 Clause 4 in the election bylaws states, “In the case where an election platform receives three warnings from the CEC, its candidacy rights will be revoked”. On March 19, Saero received its second cautionary note for its infringement of Article 52 Clause 2 and Article 62 Clause 7. This accumulated in Saero’s status of two warnings, two cautionary notes, and three corrective orders. The cautionary note was given for its inadequate description of an online propaganda posting. Saero reported on the time and audience of the post, but failed to include the details of its content, which is a breach of the election bylaws protocol. Furthermore, as Article 60 Clause 3 states, two cautionary notes will be regarded as one warning. This last cautionary note increased Saero’s warning count to three.

Saero received its first warning on March 9 for the infringement of Article 63 Clause 1 No 3 and Article 37 Clause 5, from the late submission of incomplete candidate registration documents within the extended time frame. The following warning was given on the same day for the infringement of Article 63 Clause 1 No 4 regarding the collection of referral signatures through KakaoTalk group chat. The first cautionary note was given by the CEC on March 10 for the infringement of Article 62 Clause 3, which arose from the expression of thoughts on disciplinary action to a CEC member when interaction with any member of the CEC is forbidden.

Although Saero had 12 hours to make an appeal against the cautionary note, the cautionary note was not repealed, resulting in the official revoking of Saero’s candidacy status. According to Article 83 in the student constitution, the cancellation of the USC’s re-election entails the recruitment and establishment of a new Emergency Response Committee, a process which took place from March 21 to 26.


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