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10th Supportive Student Seminar Tackles Motivation
10th Supportive Student Seminar Tackles Motivation
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The 10th supportive student seminar titled “How to Reinforce My Motivation: The Key of Successful and Happy life” was held on May 9 in the International Center (W2-1). Following the previous seminar “How to Adjust to KAIST Life”, this seminar focused on how to be motivated and have a strong mentality for a successful student life.

The program was organized by Dr. Soohyun Kim, the international advisor in International Scholar and Student Services (ISSS). In order to share personal experiences and stories with the participants, Dr. Kim invited several guests to the seminar. The guests included Chief of Meditation Research Center Dr. Wandoo Kim, Department of Nuclear and Quantum Engineering researcher Carol Ann Homibrook, and one international and one Korean panelist, both of whom were KAIST undergraduate students.

Dr. Soohyun Kim provides a seminar on motivation

Over 20 participants from various departments and levels of study attended the seminar, which was filled with open-ended discussions. Even though the main focus of the seminar was reinforcing motivation, its open-ended nature allowed for reflection on various issues. Some of the issues that came up were: the difference between pursuing passions and grades, the KAIST environment and how it affects motivation, and the relationship between Korean and international students.

One of the participants, Myrat Meredov, who is a third-year student in the Department of Chemistry, has noted the importance of discussing problems and sharing ideas to develop a sense of belonging in the international community. Having served as a panelist in a previous seminar, he firmly expressed the belief that these programs are helpful in sharing various perspectives as well as in promoting a healthy relationship among students. Based on the number of positive remarks he has seen from participants, he recommended these programs to students who want to share experiences, build a network, and interact with people from different backgrounds.

This seminar is one of the many programs organized by ISSS. Aiming to help students in their various struggles, Dr. Kim organizes psychological support and social/cultural support programs that run throughout the semester. Psychological support includes counseling services for international students to help with depression, anxiety, stress, and relationship difficulties while social support is given in the form of the various culture classes. Academic support is also provided to students who want to better their academic performance in the form of the coaching system, where a senior is matched with a student who needs coaching.

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