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New Vice Presidents Instated
New Vice Presidents Instated
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Two Vice Presidents of KAIST submitted their resignations on the 15th and 18th of July. Byoung-Kyu Choi, Former Vice President of Operations, and Dongyol Yang, Former Vice President of Research, both served on the Emergency Innovation Committee (EIC) before deciding to end their terms prematurely.

▲ KAIST's new vice presidents (from left to right): Yonghoon Lee, Dong Ho Cho, Kyung W. Paik

Former Vice President Choi cited that his decision was “a personal choice” and Former Vice President Yang stated that “knowing when to stop is a part of wisdom.” Despite these assurances, for a short time there was some widespread speculation within the media on whether their choices involved any sort of political motivation. One such assumption stated that the two VPs resigned in protest at the results of the EIC, which were released shortly after their resignations.

Regardless of any rumors, in order to fill the new gaps in the administration, KAIST has since instated three new Vice Presidents. Yonghoon Lee, Dong Ho Cho, and Kyung W. Paik have taken up the posts of Vice President of Operations, Vice President of ICC, and Vice President of Research, respectively.

Professor Yonghoon Lee has been a consistent member of the administration for a decade, having held the posts such as Dean of the College of Information Science and Technology, Dean of the College of Engineering, and Vice President of ICC. He leads the Digital Communications Lab in the Department of Electrical Engineering.

Professor Dong Ho Cho is a Ph. D. in Electrical Engineering and heads KAIST’s On-line Electric Vehicle and Mobile Harbor projects. He is head of the Communication and Information Systems Lab in the Electrical Engineering Department.

Kyung W. Paik served as Dean of Student Affairs in 2009. Paik majored in Material Engineering and has been a professor at KAIST since 1995.

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