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Welcoming Party for “Hoogies”
Welcoming Party for “Hoogies”
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Although the official school year begins in February, KAIST accepts around 70 new students every fall semester. Better known as “hoogies,” these fall-matriculating students have never had an entrance ceremony. This year, however, a welcoming party was organized for the hoogie class of 2011.

▲ The welcoming party took place at KAIST Auditorium

This is not the first time that a welcoming party has been held for the hoogies as the first such event took place last year. However, it was held long into the semester and was organized by the school. This year, the party was held on August 26 before the semester began and was organized by the Social Committee MOSAIC, a student association that was formed in the 2011 spring semester to support and represent hoogie students. As the welcoming party was an official event, all hoogie freshmen were obliged to attend so that the party acts as a replacement for a matriculating ceremony that is always offered to students entering in the spring semester.

The welcoming party started at 6:30 p.m. when the hoogies, including the upperclassmen and members of MOSAIC, entered the auditorium dressed in semi-formal attire. Dinner was served first, followed by the representative members’ speech congratulating and welcoming the entering class. A question-and-answer session was given for the freshmen to ask school-related questions to the upperclassmen.

To loosen up the mood, a contest was held for the freshmen to determine which male hoogie sophomore was the hottest. This was followed by an OX quiz with questions that had to do with campus life at KAIST as well as general knowledge.

During intermission, dessert was served while the freshmen voted on additional categories ranging from best dressed to biggest party animal. Afterwards, the entering class divided into four different houses, a system created to generate a close relationship between the entering class and the class directly above. Students got to know other members of their corresponding houses and came up with house names.

The welcoming party came to an end after the announcement of the vote results and a short photo session. Overall, the social event was a success, taking well the opportunity to officially welcome the hoogies of 2011.

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