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Nerd Culture on the Internet
Nerd Culture on the Internet
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▲ A strip of xkcd titled "Useless"
xkcd is, according to a slogan on its website, "a webcomic of romance, sarcasm, math and language." The creator of the comic series and the website is Randall Munroe, a programmer and former NASA roboticist. xkcd has a cult following for incorporating science and mathematical jokes into real-life, everyday situations in a humorous manner. The website updates every Monday, Wednesday and Friday. When you check out the webcomic, be sure to let your cursor hover over the image for a while to let the image description appear, because each strip has a hidden message (the description for the comic above is "Even the identity matrix doesn't work normally"). The webcomic, Munroe's blog, a forum and a store where you can buy xkcd-related t-shirts, posters and other merchandise can be found on the website. (http://xkcd.com)
KAISEUNGT is a webcomic created by a KAIST student named Eungen Joo. She illustrates comic strips on an irregular basis and the topics range from getting through the weekly routines of quizzes, lab reports and assignments to how she feels about being the only engineering student among her friends who graduated from a foreign language high school with her. KAISEUNGT, as well as other daily snippets from her life such as the illustration work she has doen for the school, photographs that she took in KAIST and her archive of good restaurants around KAIST and in Daejeon can be found on her blog. (http://blog.naver.com/jooeungen | in Korean)
Youtube's Vlogbrothers 
▲ A screenshot of a Vlogbrothers video
Two brothers named John and Hank Green post videos on Youtube. They call themselves teh Vlogbrothers and video-blog or "vlog", as most users of Youtube like to say, on topics such as literature, science, math, technology and Harry Potter. John Green is the older brother, and he is also a well-known author for the best-selling books Looking for Alaska and the Paper Towns. Hank Green is the younger of the two and he is the founder of the website EcoGeek.
They first started posting online videos to each other to re-connect, and this went on for a full year in 2007 under the project name Brotherhood 2.0. Together with Nerdfiteria (the online community that watches the Vlogbrother's videos), the two brothers have created multiple long-term projects such as the "Project for Awesome," which is an annual fundraising project for specific causes they choose that year. They also organize an annual event called "Vidcon," which is a video conference for the Youtube community and its vlogging culture. Other projects on Youtube include "True or Fail," a game show tests the viewer's knowledge on obscure topics, and "Crashcourse," which is a series of video tutorials on subjects such as history and biology. All information can be found on the Vlogbrothers' channel on Youtube. (http://www.youtube.com/user/vlogbrothers)

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