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“All-in-One” Elected as 26th Student Council
“All-in-One” Elected as 26th Student Council
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On November 23, KAIST students voted “All-in-One” (Dohan Kim, Seung-hwan Kim) as next year’s Student Council executives, who received 37.10% of all votes submitted. “Tomorrow” (Hyun Ho Heo, Minwook Kwak) came in a close second with 35.03% and “Dugeun2” (Su Geul Jin, Ji Ha Kim) took the remaining 24.45%.
All-in-One has promised to bring greater unity within the student body and help foster increased communication between the students and the school. More detailed plans proposed for international students include a renovation of the kitchen in Nanum Hall and an increase in translators that can help international students gain greater access to school news and information. Other campaign promises include creating a bus system on the KAIST campus, having consistent meetings and discussions with the school administration and installing “Smart Bulletin Boards” around the school.
A total of 2095 students voted during this election, which started at 8 a.m. and ended at 8 p.m. Polling stations were located in seven different locations around KAIST’s main campus, including the lobby of the Creative Learning Building, the northern cafeteria, the lobby of the School of Humanities and Social Sciences and the lobby of the Computer Science Department.
This year, the percentage of voters reached 53.2%, slightly over last year’s 52.9%. Many predicted that the events of April and the increased number of candidates would have substantially increased the number of voters, but such predictions were premature. Had the voting rate not reached 50%, voting would have been extended for another day, an incident which happened in 2009, when the elections for the 24th Student Council failed to meet the required number of voters on the first day.
During the campaigning and voting periods, KAIST’s Election Commission oversaw all proceedings, which began with checking candidate registration and nomination forms on the 11th. The candidates then argued their respective positions in front of a student audience during a debate session hosted by KAIST Times in Terman Hall on the 16th. The commission was composed of members of this year’s outgoing student government, led by Club Union President Jeongeun Choi.

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