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New Minor in Culture Technology Made Available
New Minor in Culture Technology Made Available
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On February 6, the Graduate School of Culture Technology (GSCT) opened a new interdisciplinary minor for undergraduate students interested in the merging of technology, humanities and the arts.

The new program, officially named the Minor Program in Culture Technology (CTP), aims to educate students who will enter cultural fields such as the music and film industries. The CTP curriculum itself is heavily oriented towards the application of engineering knowledge in different areas of culture. Finding new methods of making digital content, or using technology to improve how music or performance arts are made and seen, are just some of the many opportunities that the CTP may have to offer.

Three courses have opened for the current spring semester: Understanding Cultural Content, Game Design and Introduction to Social Networking. The novelty of these new classes has also made them popular amongst students, with 29, 12 and 5 students enrolled in each course respectively. Future courses expected to open during the fall semester include Performance Planning and Design, Product-Service System Design and Introduction to Cultural Technology.

Professors from various fields have been recruited to join CTP, including Electrical Engineering, Computer Science, Literature, Psychology and the Arts. Professor Tack Woo, who is in charge of Game Design, is a Ph.D. in electronic imaging. Professor Wonjae Lee, instructor for the Social Networking course, has a Ph.D. in sociology. Teaching Understanding Cultural Content is Professor BongGwan Jun, who received his Ph.D. in modern Korean literature.

In order to graduate with a CTP minor, students are required to take six credits worth of CTP mandatory courses and no less than 12 elective credits. Students may also take related courses from different departments such as Computer Animation or Introduction to Cognitive Science.

More information can be found by contacting the GSCT’s administrative office at 042-350-2902.


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