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Local Eateries Just Outside of KAIST
Local Eateries Just Outside of KAIST
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New Bowl

▲ Japanese restaurant New Bowl

New Bowl is a Japanese-style restaurant with a pun on a French word “nouveau” and “new bowl.” The concept becomes obvious as soon as you enter this hidden eatery. Everything from the interior to black-and-white kitchenware gives this small restaurant a modern look as well as a homey feeling.

Pick out your choice from a variety of traditional Japanese rice dishes – shrimp tempura to chicken teriyaki – served neat and simple in black-and-white bowls. You will also be served warm miso soup in a large black mug cup. The dishes are around 7,000 to 8,000 Korean Won, the most expensive being 12,000 Korean won. The Ikea-esque tables and interior make the unique trip a satisfying and filling meal.

Olive Garden

▲ Olive Garden bakery

Located right next to the Yuseong District Office, Olive Garden is a “mom and pop” style bakery that specializes in pies. The café is not spacious but comfortable and well-decorated with stuffed dolls and colorful cushions, making it the perfect place to visit after dinner with friends.

The various types of pies range from blueberry and chocolate to pecan, sold in mini sizes, slice or whole (typically 2,500 Korean Won per slice of pie). Even if you are not a huge fan of pies, don’t lose hope as this bakery also offers brownies, cheesecake and various types of cookies such as green tea and cranberry – with everything being homemade, of course. A selection of espresso drinks and fruity smoothies are offered at fairly cheap prices as well.

For special days like Valentine’s Day or Pepero Day, you can even decorate your own desserts if you call the café in advance. Every Saturday, Olive Garden offers apple and walnut pie-making lessons, popular among KAIST students. Don’t forget to celebrate the upcoming Pi Day with freshly baked pies delivered straight from the kitchen!

Art Café Hong

▲ Cafe Hong

To satisfy your sweet tooth after having your meal, try visiting Art Café Hong in Eoeun-dong. As the name of the café suggests, it bears a very artsy atmosphere. The café opens soap-making classes and accessory-crafting classes for people who are interested. You can even browse through the products that are already made and purchase them at the café. What also sets this café apart from others is its rice cake waffles. The waffles have chunks of sweet, gooey rice cake inside them, and the waffles are topped with fresh whipped cream and various fruits. One cup of hot Americano and waffles will satisfy your palate most pleasantly.


▲ Play Burger

If you are a big lover of burgers but want to try something different other than the greasy junk food from the fast food restaurants, Playburger is the right place for you. Best known for its homemade burgers that are served with hash browns, fresh salad and a drink, Playburger will challenge people’s idea that burgers are unhealthy or that healthy foods are not tasty. Except for a few, most menus can be taken out. However, I suggest you dine at the restaurant if possible as the place is decorated in a fancy and somewhat retro way that makes dining all the more amusing.

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