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A Very Special Christmas in Daejeon
A Very Special Christmas in Daejeon
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Christmas can offer you that magical moment you have always longed for. While it may seem tedious and painstaking to walk through the cold weather of December, do not let this Christmas pass you by without its magical moment. Why not design your own Christmas date schedule in Daejeon to perfect your relationship? These are just a couple of ideas that may help you:


Stop by the Tomo Ceramic Art Studio to add a hint of Korean tradition to your date. From December 22 to 25, Tomo Studio is organizing a special event for couples, where you can create and decorate your own special mug and other pottery items. You can spend approximately two hours here before moving on to a quiet restaurant for lunch. The ideal schedule would probably be going in the morning. Start reserving now as this event is open for a limited number of people; Reservations started from the end of November and are open till December 15. For more information, contact 010-5117-0331 or 010-2750-1804.

Iceskating can be one of the most romantic dating activities. There are various iceskating rinks open, especially around Christmas time. One of the most well known rinks is situated in Namsun Park. Of course, if you have this in mind, do not forget to reserve before hand: it is likely that you are not the only one dreaming about twirling around with your lover on Christmas.

You do not necessarily have to be the next Fritz August Breuhaus to enjoy interior designing. Decorating can be a big Christmas event for the joy of being together and making everything more beautiful. Pop in to the nearest store to get some decorations and find the perfect place for each item with your lover. Even if you do not usually spend time decorating places, this Christmas can teach you how enjoyable anything can be when together.


If you are looking for some prestigious acclaimed cuisine, then Daejeon might be just the right place for you. The Skane Swedish restaurant, situated in Dunsan-dong may be a good choice. The dining room's warmly decorated walls provide a luxurious aura. The walls are hung with a range of mesmerizing Swedish artworks that render the place all the more exotic. There is also a wine cellar to offer you German, Italian, and French vintages if you wish to add some elegance to your meal. From Swedish traditional roast beef to Swedish traditional shrimp soup, there is a wide array of wonderful dishes that you can choose from. If you are one of those people who always have room for desserts at the end, you can look forward to what Skane has to offer: from lemon cake to walnut gateau, you will not be disappointed.

Another recommended option would be the high-class restaurant, Olivehill, also in Dunsan-dong. If you wish to present your lover with an exquisitely luxurious restaurant, this place may be the answer. With red carpets and red curtains, the overall atmosphere is highly extravagant. Let alone the interior design appropriate for Christmas, the place is famous for being one of the most spacious restaurants in Daejeon. The main menu consists of a freshly prepared salad bar with high quality dish, which can be accompanied by your choice of wine.


Are your feet tired from walking around through the icy winds of December? If so, why not award yourself and your lover with the coziness of the Yuseong Hot Spring? Daejeon is well known for its exclusive springs that are appealing to Koreans and foreigners alike. Even in the ancient times, the Yuseong Hot Spring was an excellent tourist site. With its use of underground water boiled with subterranean heat, this hot spring presents more than just comfortable bathing. The medical effects are scientifically proven and the mineral water is pumped from the faults of granite fragmental zone. The hot water ranging from 27 to 35 degrees celsius is expulsed from 200m underground. The water contains more than 60 kinds of dynamic elements that will soothe both your body and mind.


After relaxing in the hot spring, why not catch your favorite thriller or romance film at the nearby cinema? Moviegoers love the new James Bond film, Skyfall. Add some thrill to your date with the help of this handsome British gentleman. If you are more of the romantic type, then the recommended film would be the new Twilight saga, Breaking Dawn Part Two. This vampire soap opera is great if you wish to taste some romantic aspects in a film without overdoing it. Be careful though, because vampires are not always very pretty in films. We must also not forget that every couple enjoys cuddling together while watching some cheesy romantic ‘guy meets a girl and they fall in love’ sort of film. Yes, we can predict what is going to happen and yes, we know how Hollywood likes recycling plots in this genre of films. Yet it is Christmas after all. Who does not like watching some cheesy soap opera on this special day, especially with that special person in your life? Cheerful Weather for the Wedding is a suitable comedy for Christmas. There are all the elements to make you laugh, cry, and be impatient to see the next scene.

Instead of fussing over your Christmas date to be perfect and without blemish, it is probably wiser to anticipate a date that is eventful and hard to forget. Try discussing your plans with your partner. As Jacqueline Bisset once said, “Ideally, couples need three lives: one for him, one for her, and one for them together”. Make Christmas the occasion to improve your communication, share your deepest thoughts and secrets. May this Christmas bring you the most pleasant surprise! 

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