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Scaling New Heights
Scaling New Heights
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It was indeed the days of the old past when students were reluctant to come and pursue their studies in the rich and dynamic society of Korea. But now, the winds of change have taken hold, and KAIST in itself has become a multicultural global village, a harbinger of cultural acceptance, tolerance, and vivid appreciation. By joining hands with universities and educational organizations worldwide, the International Relations Team (IRT) has been able to attract a huge international student body that come as exchange and full time students to KAIST every semester. They not only experience innovative learning in their academic fields, but also learn about the rich and appealing heritage of Korea.
Statistics from the IRT has shown an approximate increase of 200% in the number of international students in a comparison study between academic years 2007 and 2013. One of the most popular programs include Brazil's National Council for Scientific and Technological Development (CNPq), which enables students pursuing various majors to come together at KAIST for two semesters and experience student life here.
The Campus Asia program, which bloomed as a result of Trilateral Cooperation Vision 2020 between governments of Korea, China, and Japan, has made remarkable success in bringing together students of KAIST,Tsinghua University, and Tokyo Institute of Technology. Among the other prominent student programs are the KAIST- KTH (a partnership with Sweden’s Royal Institute of Technology), the Association of East Asian Research Universities (AEARU), and Europe’s Erasmus Mundus program.
In the near future, KAIST - a haven for students with passion for knowledge - will leap across all barriers and become a global hub of technological academia and scientific development, bringing together a pool of talented and enthusiastic minds ready to revolutionize the spirit of achievement in itself. 

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