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One More Thought Before Planning
One More Thought Before Planning
  • Ah Hyun Kim
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It was particularly fun being a KAIST student this semester as there were many festivals and events held around the KAIST campus. On top of annual fall festivals, which have gotten bigger in scale and popularity, extra events and visitations were made by famous celebrities and singers. Starting with the sudden filming of the famous television program One Night Two Days in our very own campus, there were also the annual KAIST-POSTECH Science War and Daejeon International Food and Wine Festival. Furthermore, this year’s KAIST Art and Music Festival (KAMF for short) was held for two days with many participants from outside the KAIST community who boosted up the festival atmosphere. Also, small interviews were held from the show Witch Hunt, and the  big music show Open Concert filmed right in front of the Main Administration Building (E14). It was just a week before the midterm examinations, but a huge stage, big screens, lights, and more than 500 seats were installed. The cast of the performers were extraordinary; students lined up to get free tickets for the show, and the line went all the way to the first floor of the Student Center-2 (N12). Every student grew excited over watching and hearing famous singers performing live as if it were their last chance to ever meet them. I admit that the casting was too good, and I could still remember the thrill I felt when I first heard that our school will host the show. However, opening such a huge event in the middle of the campus in front of the KAIST Library (E9) for students who have less than a week before their examinations can be thought cruel. I have seen many students struggling with agony whether to participate in the music show of great singers and performers or ignore the show and catch up with studying. The events held on campus should first be well planned to be enjoyed by KAIST students rather than to cause any inconveniences.
On the day of filming Open Concert, I have seen many postings on Facebook by students who whined and were unsatisfied with the event being held only a few days before the examinations. Even with endless piles of homework, reports, and chapters that was to be covered in the exams, most students participated in the concert not because they studied beforehand but because they want to see the concert that badly. Also, as the concerts were held in the middle of the campus and in front of the KAIST library, those students who had no intentions of going to the concert had to suffer because of all the sounds, lights, and fuss made by outsiders coming and going. These inconveniences would have been much easily forgiven if it were not for the bad timing.

I am not saying KAIST should not have big festivals and events. I love the atmosphere of having outsiders visit our campus, and having a great time. However, as the events are held on our campus and affect us, there should be extra thought put in favor of our conveniences. The university should host events in such a manner to minimize troubles or any inconveniences and most importantly, to make KAIST life more fun. 

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