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Updated: 2016.11.29 20:54
KAIST Discovers Connection between Cancer and Circadian Clocks
Professor Jae Kyoung Kim recently created a mathematical model that predicts the distribution of p53, a cell growth inhibitor, with the circadian clock.
KAIST Signs Student Exchange Agreement with BME
Synaptic Transistor Mimics Human Neural Processing
KAIST's Quad-track Curriculum
Cinema Rush 2016: The Highlights
Summer is probably the best time of the year for both movie fans and producers. With the blazing sun driving everyone indoors in search of air conditioning, there is no better time than the months of July and August for film companies to release their most ambitious products in theaters.
A Scrumptious Hanjeongsik Getaway

Located in Mannyeon-dong, behind the popular buffet Vesta, is Daenamoo Korea Restaurant. Famous for their hanjeongsik, t
Sunday Night: "Dreams"
Professor Chung Receives DMI Design Value Award
Emeritus Professor Kyung-won Chung from the Department of Industrial Design here at KAIST received the top award at the 2015 DMI (Design Management Institute) Design Valu
Professor Sang-Min Bae Receives IDEA awards
Bending Structure Causes Increased Photoelectric Effect
Professor Chan Ho Yang of the Department of Physics at KAIST discovered a mechanism behind augmented photoelectric effect when a material bends.The photoelectric effect c
Using Light as Treatment for Alzheimer’s Disease
ISSS Sponsors Country-based Group Activities
As per the growing number of international students flocking through the gates of KAIST, the International Scholar and S
Winter’s Silence
The cold slowly approaches. It starts to wrap around us like a silent snake, giving us a mixed feeling of discomfort and
KAIST ONE: Tajikstan
Saying that KAIST is diverse is a bit of an understatement. The institute has put in a lot of effort to ensure that ther
I Read, Therefore I am
When was the last time you read a book, and did not want it to end? It saddens me that this simple question is often met
Letter from the Chief November 2016
Foregoing the Hardship
Letter from the Chief September 2016
Cinema Rush 2016: The Highlights
Holography to Quantitatively Analyze Alzheimer's
Curing Diseases by Deforming Cells
Pokémon GO: A Milestone of Augmented Reality Gaming
R2-D2 Actor Kenny Baker Passes Away at 81
KAIST Discovers Connection between Cancer and Circadian Clocks
Eventful In Rio
Transparency in the Trojan Treasury
In August, the Central Operating Committee (COC), consisting of the President of the Undergraduate Student Council (USC) and the department presidents, denied creative musical team Troy’s request for a 3 million KRW fund support from the University Support Foundation. Vote was cast against the favor of Troy by 10 to 5 (with one abstained vote), on the grounds that the Troy team has shown a lack of appropriate bookkeeping obligations and inefficient allocation of the allotted funds last year.
Funds Shall be Granted
This month, heated discussion ping-ponged back and forth on Facebook and Bamboo regarding the budget issues of Troy, the musical created and performed by KAIST students. The official positions and “letters” exchanged between the Troy representative and the President of the Undergraduate Student Council (USC) generated intense debate among KAIST students.
The fourth annual KAIST swim meet
KAIST is home to a no small number of swimming enthusiasts. On October 3, they were able to flaunt their smooth strokes
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