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Updated: 2017.5.29 09:46
Student-President Conference Initiates Policy Discussions
On April 25, students gathered to directly inquire President Shin about his solutions for the multifarious issues plaguing the community and his announced policies for the future of KAIST.
Life in KAIST: Moelleux
Long-loved by many KAISTians over the years, 1114 has closed down and united with its brother, 1117. However, it’s not just sad news for various gourmets of KAIST that haunt Eoeun-dong for delicious cuisine. Replacing 1114, is Moelleux, selling fresh pastry everyday.
Captain Underpants: Coming Soon to Theaters!
Tra-la-laaaa! Make way for the one and only Captain Underpants, for he is about to hit the screens for the first time!
That One Thing that Ruins April
Interview with CNT Tech CEO Hwaseong Jeon
Mr Jeon is a celebrity in the Korean startup scene in his own right; he not only is the CEO of a massively successful business that launched several domestic Online to Offline (O2O) dining platforms, but also has been the mentor and judge in a KBS startup reality show. Upon his return to his alma mater, KAIST, as a guest speaker for an “Entrepreneurship Lunch Talk”, The KAIST Herald sat down with him for an interview to find out more about his business, his story to success and his vision for the company.
Veggies: From Superfood to Superorgans
Harnessing Vibrations in Moving Furniture
While it is a normal convention to displace objects through mechanical systems, such as wheels or legs, a team led by Professor Daniel Saakes of the Department of Industrial Design has designed a strategy that harnesses vibrations to effectively allow an object to move by itself. They named their strategy “Ratchair”, due to the pieces of furniture moving analogously to a rotating ratchet.
Mutations During Early Human Development Discovered
Less Hurdles for the New Daejeon International School
Last year on November 26, the Daejeon Metropolitan Office of Education announced the Ministry of Education’s decision to grant the status of “specialized high school” (teukmokgo) to Daejeon High School, overcoming one of the major obstacles needed for the creation of an international school.
First British University to Open Overseas Branch in Korea
The University of Aberdeen, a British public research university in Aberdeen, Scotland, has made a decision to open a new campus in South Korea.
What Decides Our Fortune
Appearance is important in any and all culture, but how far should appearance go in deciding our lives? The position of importance held by one’s outer appearance in South Korea has long been a tradition, especially under a practice called gwansang.
Gold Hands
Interview with the New President
An Open Letter to the KAIST Admin
Unprecedented President Sung-Chul Shin Inaugurated
Job Fair for International Students
Drawing DNA with a Brush
KAIST to Appoint New Head
Protecting Quantum Dots with Siloxane Barriers
Daejeon Hosts International Sports Day
Yang Bun Soon Building Completed
Eyes on the Sky
Infringing on the Freedom of Belief?
Christian religion- promoting groups are quite a common sight in Korean society; it isn’t a surprise to see them around the city or on campus. However, with the increasing number of groups being spotted on the KAIST campus, it is intriguing to explore their potential harms on international students.
Going Beyond the Surface
Concerns are growing over the fanatical Christian missionaries seeking out international students to convert them to the Christian faith. Many internationals have had their personal religious preferences and personal spaces violated by this relentless hounding, and though this is something that should be addressed quickly, we should take a step back and see the underlying causes and look beyond the surface.
KAMF 2017
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