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Updated: 2017.11.27 15:59
USC-KISA Merger Fails
Word spread around campus about a merger between the Undergraduate Student Council (USC) and the KAIST International Students Association (KISA) being worked on behind the scenes. Such a merger could have closed the gap and broken the status quo. Unfortunately, the merger, alongside the possibility of a united student community, has fallen through.
Baby Driver: Stylish Yet Old-fashioned
If you have seen any of Edgar Wright’s previous films, you would have been looking forward to his latest movie, Baby Driver. If you have yet to see it, what are you waiting for? This wild, 120-minute action-comedy ride will have you clenching onto your seat, begging for a seatbelt.
A Pocket Full of Books
In Korea, people call autumn the season of reading. While the act of reading has not change much, what we read has changed drastically as technology has advanced. So for this month’s App Comparison, I will be comparing and contrasting two book apps from two tech giants: Google’s Play Books and Amazon’s Kindle.
Interview on USC–KISA Merger Failure
With the collection of student fees from international students beginning this semester, the USC has attempted to include KISA as a special autonomous organization within the USC. The KAIST Herald sat down with the head of the International Secretariat of the USC Hyoungwook Jin and the President of KISA Sanzhar Kerimbek to discuss this issue.
Mandatory AI Classes Cause Commotion
KAIST Rallies Against Slow Internet
It’s been six months since the crowdsourced platform “Rally” (also translated from Korean as “Ah, please! Internet”) has launched its beta program.
Feature: A New Moon
ISSS Launches Student Coaching Service
In light of the prospective rise of the international populace in campus, the International Student and Scholar Services (ISSS) has launched a dedicated academic coaching service to help international students easily adjust to life at KAIST.
English-Only Zone Dorms
The recently inaugurated president, Sung-Chul Shin, seems to have his own agenda in mind for KAIST’s globalization in the form of an “English-Only Zone” (EOZ), the draft for which has recently been released.
An Intersection of Science and Art
Silent Signal, the displayed group of animated works, was the result of collaborations between British artists and scientists to produce visual representations of scientific ideas such as the proliferation of infectious diseases and genome modeling.
읽씹 [Ilg-shib]
Interview on USC–KISA Merger Failure
Heat Rises at the International Kitchen
USC-KISA Merger Fails
The Queen’s Secret: Experience the Media Art Exhibition
Maryam Mirzakhani: A Mathematical Mastermind
When Science Reporting Fails
Professor Dae-sik Im Appointed Vice Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation
Sanitary Pads: When Necessities Become Threats
Biologists Slow Down Aging in Fruit Flies
Free Fruit for All
Bitcoin: Currency of the Future
Skepticism aside, it is still worthwhile to point out the relevant advantages Bitcoin has to offer to consumers in particular. As the first of its kind, Bitcoin may at the very least serve as an innovative exemplar for future development of cryptocurrencies and digital payments.
The Road Ahead for Bitcoin
The recent decade, which has witnessed a formidable proliferation of Bitcoin is worrying. What aspires to be the 21st century’s digital gold is already traveling to many corners of the world without a traffic officer or signal lights.
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