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Updated: 2018.4.13 22:17
Blue Wish Controversy Heads Toward an End
An inquiry committee delving into the controversy regarding last year’s unofficial Undergraduate Student Council (USC) candidate party Blue Wish (Pureunbaram) has been undergoing construction.
Understanding Spring Festivals
Spring. The season of life. The season of love. The season of warmth. And most interestingly, the season of festivals.
When Breath Becomes Air: A Story of Life, Death, and What Comes in Between
When Breath Becomes Air is a raw and unparalleled story about a successful, young neurosurgeon’s struggle with life and meaning and his sudden confrontation with death.
2018 KAMF Photos
Boomerang Ethics
It took a good two days for “Wanna One live stream accident” to disappear from the top of the most-searched keywords list on Naver.
Alma Mater
If you aren’t a huge fan of college basketball, there are still many benefits that these propaganda-filled competitions allow colleges to reap — and it’s most certainly something you should be aware of, if not madly interested in.
The THORNAPPLE Controversy
The planning of this year’s KAIST Art and Music Festival was interrupted by a controversy regarding the casting of THORNAPPLE — an indie rock band that has been caught up in a heated controversy regarding comments made by the vocalist Sung Hyun Yoon.
Russia's Imitation Game
Last month, Vladimir Putin, as expected, won the elections in Russia. The elections showed that even 27 years after the Soviet Union’s collapse, the communist narrative still stays significant. How is this possible?
The Grass Is Greener and the Students Are Smarter
As South Korea strives for globalization in its education system, there are Western countries seeking to emulate Korea’s academically-brilliant results.
Letter from the Chief
Letter from the Chief April 2018
The past. It defines who you are as a person, a culmination of every mistake you have made and every regret you have had.
New Academic Cultural Complex Opens
A Bittersweet Slice of Reality
Alone Together
A Bleaky Cauldron
2018 KAMF Photos
An Interview with Sunhee Bae
Korea Too
Challenge Culture
Olympic Flames Produce Acrid Smoke
Caterpillar Coat
What Does “KAIST Confessions” Bring to the Table?
Threading on the Fringes of Civility
Behind the thinly drawn veil of online anonymity lurks a foul beast, the kind that manifests itself in a reprisal of psychotic behavior that often includes foul language, hate speech, and personal attacks.
To Censor a Butterfly
As the page grows larger, it may eventually spread its wings to become a much needed hub of ideas. Ideas worth sharing will be celebrated while controversial ideas will provide a rare opportunity for discourse.
Into the Depths of Minds
The KAIST Herald met with Google DeepMind researcher Dr. Joel Z. Leibo to discuss a few mind-boggling issues for AI researchers as well as directions and a word of advice for aspiring researchers.
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