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Updated: 2019.8.18 01:57
Emergency Response Committee Supports Fight Against Sexual Assault in SNU
The KAIST Emergency Response Committee (ERC) has expressed its full support for the students at Seoul National University (SNU) in their battle against sexual assault, encouraging KAIST students to participate in the joint statement made by SNU students.
Marriage — So Far but So Close
Earlier this year, I was invited to a wedding for the first time in my life. Later, sometime last month, I was invited to another wedding. If the first invitation didn’t hit me, the second one did: I’m at the age when people get married.
An Unexpected Marvel
People from all walks of life have rallied together to celebrate Endgame and its significance as the end to the decade-long story arc.


When Rats, Horses, and Toucans Make Better Humans than Humans
TV shows like BoJack Horseman and Tuca & Bertie are demonstrating that animated horses and toucans can tell stories more human at their core than those told by actual humans acting in front of a camera.
Live Without Regret
“Right, Before I Die”, a small photography exhibit that introduces 20 people — each person has a unique story but all of them have one thing in common — they are facing their impending death and do so in peace.
Feature: Democratic Evolution and Student Protests in Korea
How has student political activism evolved in Korea, and what may happen in the future?
Possible Establishment of Semiconductor Department
KAIST Opens Joint Research Center with Khalifa University
Spotlight | Out of Sight but Not Out of Mind
Amidst the rapidly changing news cycle, some important issues get buried underneath the latest top stories. In this month’s spotlight, we focus on two humanitarian crises that the world seldom talks about nowadays.
Country-based Activities Promote Fragmentation of the Community
ISSS plans to “enlarge and invigorate” the international community through its country-based community support — but all I see is encouraged segregation.
Spring Sleepiness
People and Community
May 2019 | Herald asks you...
Newest section of the Herald asks KAISTians: What do you think about international relationships on campus? Should class attendance be mandatory, or affect grades?
KISA: A Year in Review
KISA Elects Dinmukhamed Mailibay as President
KAIST Bene-FIT Challenge Program Launched
Academic Calendar Changes to Match the Korean Standard
KAIST Class of 1979 Donates 2 Billion KRW
The World is in Danger
What The Bloody Hell is a Brexit? (The Brits Also Don’t Know)
Fire Breaks Out in Munji, Injures Two
KISA Presidential Hopefuls Debate at Open Forum

Society Debate

Should Truth be Part of Defamation Laws?
Defamation laws are important to protect individuals from harmful and untruthful information. Korean law is unique in that truth is not a defense to defamation unlike those of most countries.

Letter from the Chief

Letter from the Chief May 2019
Youth is not defined by what or how much you do during it, but by what you become afterwards.
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