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Updated: 2017.9.25 23:35
Professor Dae-sik Im Appointed Vice Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation
On August 31, Professor Dae-sik Im of the Department of Biological Sciences was appointed Vice Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation (STI) by President Jae-in Moon.
Memoir of a Murderer: A Thrilling Yet Forgettable Experience
Memoir of a Murderer tells the story of Byung-soo, a veterinarian and former serial killer, and his daughter, Eun-hee, in the countryside of Korea. Byung-soo is struggling with Alzheimer’s disease, when one day he identifies another serial killer, Tae-ju. While he attempts to have him arrested without much luck, he finds out that Eun-hee is dating Tae-ju. He has to protect his daughter from danger, and to make matters worse, he must battle his own deteriorating memory.
The Queen’s Secret: Experience the Media Art Exhibition
A whole new style of art exhibitions where the visitors play a part is beckoning this fall.
A Look Beneath the Walls of the Main Library
For this issue of The KAIST Herald, we interviewed the KAIST library team to find out more about the recent remodeling project that has been going on since the beginning of this year.
KAIST Meditation Research Center in Plans
Free Fruit for All
On the first day of September, seven faculty members including the KAIST president, Sung-Chul Shin, himself came to the KAIMARU Student Cafeteria (N11) in the morning to hand out peaches for KAIST students to enjoy during their breakfast. The ceremony marked the beginning of the ambitious program hosted by the KAIST Global Leadership Center (KGLC).
Feature: Korea's Chemical Crises
World Club Dome Korea 2017
This year, for the first time in history, the world’s biggest club is coming to Asia and, more specifically, to Korea.
Heat Rises at the International Kitchen
The KAIST Herald met with Purushothaman Nandagopalan, the head representative of the kitchen, to discuss its current state and some of the new changes that lie ahead, including the prospect of growing the facility into several more locations in the various KAIST campuses as well as the challenges met thereof.
When Science Reporting Fails
A new study shows that a glass of red wine is equivalent to an hour spent at the gym. Such are the typical headlines that propagate through media, heralding to the world yet another new, amusing finding.
단호박 [Dahn-Ho-Bahk]
Free Fruit for All
Biologists Slow Down Aging in Fruit Flies
A Look Beneath the Walls of the Main Library
Maryam Mirzakhani: A Mathematical Mastermind
Sanitary Pads: When Necessities Become Threats
Professor Dae-sik Im Appointed Vice Minister for Science, Technology and Innovation
Combining Drugs to Treat Liver Cancer
When Science Reporting Fails
When Mother Nature Meets Man-Made Wonder
Caught in the Crossfire
Go Nuclear or Go Home
With our climate, geography, and advanced nuclear technology, I believe that Korea should instead place nuclear energy at the center of the nation’s energy policy initiatives and dedicate more effort into the research and development of the technology.
When Mother Nature Meets Man-Made Wonder
Moon is looking for a radical approach involving the complete phase-out of nuclear power plants. I believe that because of the potential dangers of the power plants, some of them should be closed, but a complete phase-out is definitely not a viable option.
KAMF 2017
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