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Updated: 2019.5.24 21:04
KAIST Hosts THE Innovation and Impact Summit
The 2019 Times Higher Education (THE) Innovation and Impact Summit was held in KAIST from April 2 to 4. As the campus’ cherry blossoms began to bloom, the Academic Cultural Complex (ACC) was inundated with international visitors. Delegates and speakers came to discuss the inextricable relationship between tertiary education and society.
The True Price of Cheap Clothes
Despite the cheap price tags that tempt us to fast fashion, over a longer period the world has to pay a heavy cost. Where are you shopping for your new spring clothes?
Our Vanishing Reluctance Towards Online Friendships
We simply deem meeting people online to be suspicious or unnatural. We are given the tools to find people worth connecting with as well as the tools to actually connect with them, yet we somehow find a way to convince ourselves it’s too sketchy to be worth pursuing.


Don’t Katsu
Why is Eoeun-dong so full of donkatsu?
Us: Disorganized Yet Thought-provoking
After his sensational debut with the Oscar-winning comedic thriller Get Out, Jordan Peele has returned as writer and director with a doppelganger horror movie, Us. However, the experience was not as refreshing as expected.
Burning Sun Scandal: Brought to Light
The Burning Sun Scandal, named after former Korean K-pop idol Seungri's prominent club, rocked the country for days with the horrendous details of hidden camera footage, drugs, and corruption.
The Experience of Muslim Students in KAIST
As the number of international students on campus grows, so too does the religious diversity. Muslims follow certain religious observances, and Korea is slowly starting to accomodate their needs. Despite all its claims of globalization, however, KAIST is lagging behind.
Climate Change: Driver of Migration
Climate change drives internal and external migration. It is predicted to transform 200 million people into “climate migrants” by 2050 as people escape crop failure, water scarcity, and sea-level rise.
Gerald the Brain Sweep
Goodbye Sanity My Old Friend
Fine Dust in Korea: Who Should be Held Responsible?
Long-delayed 33rd USC Presidency Re-election Cancelled Once Again
KAIST Hosts THE Innovation and Impact Summit
Exploring Hong Kong
A Modern Colony’s Dilemma
KAIST ONE Resignation Prompts Reshuffle
Dean’s List: A Guide for the Perennially Confused
Why the Hashtag Sells — But Shouldn’t
A Road Trip to Remember
Born into Technology

Society Debate

Should Korean be Allowed in English-speaking Classes?
The KAIST Student & Minority Human Rights Committee’s recent decision to prohibit Korean re-explanation in English lectures has brought about heated debates within the KAIST community. Who should be responsible for raising the issue, and is the usage of Korean in lectures in need of change?
People and Community
KAIST Cat Shelter: Creating a Campus of Coexistence
The many cats of the KAIST campus are now being looked after by a club - KAIST Cat Shelter. How do they promote the care of these animals?

Letter from the Chief

Letter from the Chief April 2019
Spring in KAIST brings effervescent cherry blossoms, juicy strawberries, and warm sunlight — but for the truly “woke” KAIST students, it just brings the looming doom of the midterms and the horrid onslaught of visitors.
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