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Updated: 2018.9.27 05:17
2018 Human Rights Week Focuses on Gender Equality
The week of September 9 marked the start of KAIST’s fourth annual “Human Rights Week”.
Letter from the Chief
Letter from the Chief September 2018
The Editor-in-Chief's first letter of her term.
Films about "First Love"
Late last month, the movie On Your Wedding Day was released.
Second Time's a Charm, Maybe
While Marvel has been capturing the big screen with its cinematic universe, the Netflix counterpart has been steadily growing as well.
Feature: The Hidden Gems of KAIST
The KAIST campus is full of little surprises. For the new, especially international, students, finding out about the remote amenities of the school can be difficult. Here are the secret jewels of the KAIST campus that will improve the day-to-day lives of the students.
Living Up to Your Badges of Honor
I still remember the first shivers I had as the wind from the unfamiliar winter climate blew over my face.
The Paradox of Choice
In times of “personalized everything” and countless choices at our fingertips, it is only natural that people’s expectations just continue to grow.
Molding Things in Mid-Air Using Air Scaffolding
Feature: European Anti-Immigration Sentiment
Second Time's a Charm, Maybe
Artificial Neural Network-based Watermarking
A Matter of Ethics
Adapting Imagination
Feature: The Hidden Gems of KAIST
The Lights of (A Place Called) Home
Crowd Psychology in Korea
2018 Human Rights Week Focuses on Gender Equality
Society Debate
Is Menstrual Leave the Final Solution?
The current school policy regarding menstrual leave of female students is causing many to debate whether relying on one's conscience to keep track of attendance records is deemed fair. So what is the best way to curb issues regarding the policy?
Imperfect, yet Indispensible
As much as the policy is indispensable, and as much as the policy is dependent on the students’ honesty, what we female students need to recognize is the weight of our responsibility.
Underlying the Controversy
The rationale for the need for menstrual leave is valid and well-intentioned. However, in the context of the grading system in universities, the abuse of the policy to evade attendance penalties cannot be ignored.
People and Community
John McCain: Loss of One, Toll for All
John McCain passed away on August 25.
E-learning: The Growing Industry
As e-learning encourages productivity and efficiency, the digitization of education will never cease and soon, it will become a rival to the traditional education systems.
The New Faces, The Same Problems
It seems that the fall 2018 semester is remarkable for the international community at KAIST, as more than ninety undergraduate students were accepted.
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