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Updated: 2018.2.10 22:33
Newly Elected USC “BADCHIM” Promises Happiness for All
On November 25, the results for the 2018 KAIST Undergraduate Student Council General Election were revealed, announcing the new Undergraduate Student Council (USC) for 2018, BADCHIM.
A Bittersweet Slice of Reality
The beautiful film, 5 Centimeters Per Second, has taken me one step further into the rabbit hole that is Japanese animation.
The Empire Must Die: How the Russian Empire Collapsed
A few months ago, Russia celebrated the 100th anniversary of the October Revolution. The events that preceded and happened during the two revolutions of 1917 are described in The Empire Must Die, a new book by Mikhail Zygar.
Keep Your Fingers Away
Earlier this month, the Trump administration announced that the provisional residency permits provided to about 200,000 Salvadorans would be terminated. With nowhere else to go and with the country’s infrastructure in ruins, many made the arduous journey across the continent (some completely by land) to seek refuge in the “land of the free”, the United States.
Why Tau is Better Than Pi
A Bleaky Cauldron
As if for me, who has only recently grown increasingly fond of netflixing, the latest installment in the Cloverfield franchise decided to pop up on the streaming platform, unlike the first two films, which showed in theaters. A Super Bowl commercial heralded the surprise release announcement just days before the streams began rolling out the film.
Feature: A Medical System in Peril
Life at KAIST as Exchange Students
Life at KAIST is an extraordinary one; in the rather remote area of Daejeon is a community of a diverse population of students and faculty. This month, three international students at KAIST — Louis Alen, Farid Razai, and Johannes Müllers — were invited over to the Herald clubroom to share their college experiences in this new country.
“How To Study At KAIST”: A New Seminar by ISSS
On the rainy Friday evening of November 17, one could see a group of international students rushing to get to the International Center (W2-1). The reason behind this so-called “sprint” was the new seminar conducted by ISSS; “How To Study at KAIST” is a topic that will never become irrelevant for students here.
Stir Up a Bowl of Bibimbap Your Way
More recently, Seoul is seeing one-day Korean culinary classes sprouting up across the city, aimed at providing foreigners with a more immersive cultural experience through their own takes on bibimbap or tteokbokki.
2018 World Cup
Newly Elected USC “BADCHIM” Promises Happiness for All
Problem Solved?
KAIST International Community Celebrates the Year-End
Life at KAIST as Exchange Students
The Empire Must Die: How the Russian Empire Collapsed
Why Tau is Better Than Pi
The Disaster Artist: A Story of Making The Worst Film Ever
“How To Study At KAIST”: A New Seminar by ISSS
The Return of The Hybrid
Heading for a Happier Campus
Alternatives to the Rescinded AI Course
A Counterintuitive Proposal
The plan for a mandatory AI course was rooted in preparing for the incoming Fourth Industrial Revolution. While there is something to be said about Korea’s fixation with this “revolution”, the fact is that the plan failed to launch.
Can’t Spell KAIST Without AI
The presentation of the idea of the mandatory artificial intelligence (AI) classes could not have provoked the public’s cautionary antennae further.
Heading for a Happier Campus
Now in its sixth year, the week-long program aims to offer opportunities for students to gain a mental boost and to provide an outlet for their worries.
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