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What is the most memorable thing a professor has said to you?
What is the most memorable thing a professor has said to you?
  • A. Dikhayeva, D. M. Kim, C. J. G. Cruz, J. S. Lee
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"I think the most memorable thing a professor had told me was to always grab the opportunity in the moment, he told me that whenever you have something you have to learn in class, try to ask a lot of questions, and I think that was very inviting, because it’s not usual for a Korean professor to say that.”

- Gwenevere Kay Gutierrez, School of Electrical Engineering

"My professor, who was supposed to guide me and advise me all throughout my undergraduate life has told me that because of my poor GPA, I wouldn’t be able to succeed in a particular research field that I really wanted to do in the future. That, for me, was really shocking because, as a professor, you’re supposed to guide and provide positive advice to your students and support them in whatever they want to achieve in the future."

- Mark Borris Aldonza, Department of Biological Sciences

"I think the most memorable thing a professor had ever said to me was something that a professor back in my home institution, Georgia Tech, said. He told me that research is not about knowing all the answers beforehand, but it’s about taking phenomena and generating that knowledge. You know, so it’s not an easy process. It’s one that involves digging into the problems. You don’t always have to know all the answers."

- Sora Vora, Department of Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

"The first thing that came to my mind is the first class of Discrete Mathematics course. Our professor presented different slides, and then asked us: ‘Who do you think is your best teacher?” The next slide was a picture of a mirror. Professor said: “No matter how much other people will try to explain something to you, if you don’t want something special for yourself, nothing will happen.”

- Alua Orazbek, School of Computing

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