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Seen City: A Frame to Kill for
Seen City: A Frame to Kill for
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[Weekend] All Aboard the Shuttle!

The area around City Hall station is a residential and commercial district comprised mainly of offices, government complexes, and apartment buildings. The commercial area of City Hall station is located between the Daejeon City Hall and Clover Apartments. This area spans two city blocks and is composed mostly of mid to high-rise buildings that house residential floors, cafes, restaurants, and shopping areas. Due to a relatively diverse demographic, a diverse range of restaurants and shops are available in order to satisfy various different consumption habits and preferences.

The City Hall station area can be accessed from KAIST by the Wolpyeong-Dunsan shuttles. By taking the shuttle buses, hourly available from 12 to 6 o’clock on weekdays, the City Hall station can be accessed after transferring to Wolpyeong Station from the shuttle. Similar to the Munji shuttle, the Wolpyeong-Dunsan shuttle can be taken either from the Auditorium (E15), Educational Support Building (W8), or the Duck Pond. One can reach the area through exits 5, 6, 7, or 8 from City Hall Station.

Those who populate the City Hall station area are the various civil servants either employed by the Daejeon City Hall, the Patent Court of Korea, the Daejeon High Court, and the Daejeon Supreme Prosecutors’ Office. Furthermore, it is a popular destination for many young Daejeonites due to its proximity to the subway. As such, despite the fact that it is close to a number of government institutions, the City Hall Station region also has many bars, restaurants and cafes that cater to a younger demographic. The Daejeon City Hall station area, the upper block in particular, also has a bustling nightlife. It offers a wide variety of bars that light up the Daejeon night.

▲ Bukhara India serves authentic Indian food

However, this area not only offers an active nightlife, but it also boasts a strong multicultural palette, also aimed at younger-generation Koreans. Due to its proximity to the subway, the Daejeon City Hall Station area also offers a wide range of restaurants that serve foreign cuisine. One of the most prominent examples is Bukhara India, where its chefs of Indian ethnicity serve a wide range of authentic Indian food. It offers an eclectic variety of curry and its naan is well cooked and soft. The Bukhara Tandoori Special, priced at 26,000 KRW, is offered as a sampler and offers many of the foods that are served in this restaurant. Bukhara India is significantly superior to Indy those of, which is another Indian restaurant in the Dunsan District, generally better known to KAIST students due to its location along Daedeok-daero.

Kalguksu Makers, a popular restaurant that serves kalguksu – a Korean noodle dish made with wheat dough – is a popular destination near City Hall Station. The literal translation of kalguksu is “knife noodles,” since the dough is cut into noodles using a special knife. This restaurant is very famous in Daejeon and is packed with customers even on weekdays. As kalguksu is a food that is enjoyed by customers of a wide span of demographics, the Kalguksu Makers is populated with a wide variety of customers. While the quality of the interior and service is average, the quality of the food speaks for itself. Kalguksu Makers is highly recommended for students willing to enjoy a bowl of authentic kalguksu in increasingly cold weather.

The Daejeon City Hall area is a formidable alternative to the Galleria Department Store block because it offers a combination of traditional and foreign restaurants, coupled with an active nightlife. While the Wolpyeong-Dunsan shuttle does not offer direct access to the area, it can be accessed via the subway. It offers shops and restaurants that cannot be found in the neighborhoods surrounding the school, and it is a fitting locale to enjoy the Daejeon nightlife.

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