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Updated: 2019.8.18 01:57
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KAIST ONE Beings With Pakistan
[ Issue 149 Page 6 ] Friday, November 25, 2016, 13:04:14 Kibum Park parkkibs@kaist.ac.kr

     September has already ended. The fall semester has started to kick into overdrive, and many organizations are taking the opportunity to release a sleuth of events and activities to get students energized and motivated. The international community starts its push with the KAIST Overseas Network Exchange (ONE).

     The KAIST ONE event started in the year 2007 as a way for the various nationalities in KAIST’s diverse international community to bring out the best of their culture and people in a concise and entertaining fashion. Ever since its initiation, KAIST ONE has drawn in many students, staff, and family, both Korean and international with up to 200 people in attendance.

     For this semester, KAIST ONE kicked off with the Asian country of Pakistan on September 29. The event lasted from 7 to 9 p.m. and took place at the Multimedia Hall in the International Center (W2-1). This was not the first time the Pakistani community took part in KAIST ONE, having done a KAIST ONE previously three years ago, and their familiarity showed with the quantity and quality of their presentation, performances, decorations, and food.

     The evening began with an introduction of the cultural booth by Pakistani student representatives Haseeb ur Rehaman and Rana zia ur Rehman, and other senior community members to incoming audience members. Afterwards, MCs Jauwairia Nasir and Amir Malik and several others explained all the highlights of the Pakistani nation and culture. The audience learned about prominent figures such as the spiritual father of Pakistan Allama Muhammed Iqbal, Pakistan’s strong IT industry and IT accomplishments, and the Pakistani people and their dominance in sports such as squash and field hockey. The presentation ended with several live cultural dances and singing performances. Afterwards, a meal of Biryani (a mixed rice dish), Channa chaat (mixed vegetables), Kebab, Pakora, and custard dessert was served. As an extra, a small exhibition booth and a henna tattoo station were available for audience members to try out and enjoy. KAIST ONE Pakistan was attended by 300 people and was broadcasted live to an audience of 2000, a first for KAIST ONE.

     KAIST ONE will continue this semester all the way to the end of November. It will introduce countries like Indonesia, Zambia, and Kazakhstan.

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