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Fusion of Arts through Music in the 21st Century
Fusion of Arts through Music in the 21st Century
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From November 2, the School of Humanities and Social Science at KAIST has been holding its 17th “KAIST Humanities Lectures for Citizens”, titled “Fusion of Arts through Music in the 21st Century”. The series of lectures held at the School of Humanities and Social Science Building (N4) will last until December 7.

The department initiated its first “KAIST Humanities Lectures for Citizens” four years ago in April 2012, and has since regularly offered this program four times a year. It intends to provide quality history and culture courses for KAIST students, faculty, and staff, as well as Daejeon citizens. For that reason, all lectures are free of charge. However, since it cannot accommodate a large number of people, there is a limit of 30 to 50 people each time.

This year, with the topic of “Fusion of Arts through Music in the 21st Century”, the department introduces a wide range of music, including classical and jazz genres as well as contemporary movie soundtracks. By examining today’s music and its relationship to technology and other fields of music, the lectures explore the possibilities of fusion through music.

Professor Eun-Joo Jung from Hanyang University started the lecture series with the topic of “Arts of Emerging Challenges”. She discussed the convenience, utility, and enjoyment that results from the symbiotic relationship between technological advancements and the arts. Furthermore, this fusion was offered as a viable solution for the challenges society will face in the future. Next, Conductor Seung-Ryul Yang of the Seoul Philharmonic Chamber Orchestra advised the audience on which pieces of music from the Romantic period to listen to by introducing the philosophical background of Romanticism and its effects on music. Third, Director of Arts Sung-Sun Park from Korea National University of Arts discussed the novelty that the music of the 20th century sought. More specifically, creativity that led to fusion allowed for the widening of musical horizons during this time. On November 30, Jazz Pianist Jiyong Park form Hanyang University will explore the emergence and evolution of jazz as a symbol of freedom and improvisation. Ending the lectures will be Professor Soojin Park from Baekseok Arts School, introducing the world of movie soundtracks and the roles they play in the appreciation of films.

More information is available at http://hss.kaist.ac.kr.

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