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Life in KAIST: Margarita Bistro
Life in KAIST: Margarita Bistro
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In the Eoeun sea of Korean and Japanese cuisine, Margarita, located just 200 meters away from the west gate, is the perfect place for an Italian escape. With its tinted windows and dimmed lights, Margarita gives off a subdued vibe that makes it stand out amongst the bustling Eoeun stores. Upon opening the door, the visitor is greeted by a cozy and welcoming cabin-themed interior decorated with fairy lights and red tablecloths.

The menu consists of all-time best sellers from famous restaurants, spiced up with Margarita’s own flavor and flair. Out of various pastas and Italian fusion dishes, the chef’s recommendations are the rosé pasta and the combination quesadilla. A forkful of creamy pasta with roasted shrimp, followed by a bite of quesadilla topped with sour cream and salsa sauce, will be enough to make your taste buds cheer. After 8 p.m., Margarita further dims its lights and turns into a bar. Over 250 types of cocktails, as well as wine and beer, are offered. Order a bottle of wine, and a cheese salad will be provided for free.

For the sake of the freshness of ingredients, only 50 servings worth of food is prepared a day in Margarita — you better start getting on your way!

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