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House of Cards to Make a Comback
House of Cards to Make a Comback
  • Duman Kuandyk Junior Staff Reporter
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On May 1, Netflix released a trailer for the fifth season of one of its first original shows, House of Cards. It seems the tension will rise up to even higher levels.

The previous season ended with the declaration of war on the extremist group, after Underwood failed his secret games in politics just three weeks before the presidential elections.

House of Cards is famous for adapting the realities of current politics into the series storyline. So far, the TV show has featured Putin, ISIS, and others in a slightly altered way. It seems that for season five, the Trump theme will be the most important.

Just like Trump, Frank Underwood is a controversial politician in the world of House of Cards. Underwood was not elected democratically and also had media uniting against him. There are so many similarities between the two; it almost seems like we are observing our own world, but with a different name.

Will Underwood win the elections and stay in power? Or will his house of cards fall apart? The answer lies in season five, which will be released on May 30.

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