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Cultural Building Fully Opens
Cultural Building Fully Opens
  • Hyoyeon Kim Staff Reporter
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All preparations for the Cultural Building of the new Academic Cultural Complex (E9) have now been completed. Although the Academic Cultural Complex officially opened on March 19, certain parts of the Cultural Building had been restricted for use due to additional repair and maintenance procedures. As of April 8, all construction has been finalized and the building is fully open for student use. Only the café to open on the second floor and the Idea Factory that is being moved from the Educational Support Building (W8) are still undergoing interior construction; these are expected to be ready by mid-April.

The Cultural Building is a space open to all members of KAIST and not restricted to a specific department or members of particular status. The building flexibly integrates academics, research, and relaxation into one by providing multi-functional spaces open at all times. In doing so, it provides students with an environment of fusion and creation that promotes innovative thinking. Unlike other buildings in KAIST, the concept of the building deviates from traditional lecture styles and focuses on collaborative discussion and learning spaces. Since spaces of varying function are gathered in one place, the interior design and furniture are also very diverse and of a flexible concept to match the theme. Each space is also furnished with technical equipment to enhance communication and rapport.

In addition to study areas, the Cultural Building offers spaces for cultural and creative activities. The Yang Seungtaik Auditorium on the 2nd floor and the Chung Kunmo Conference Hall on the top floor will be used to host various academic and cultural events. Also on the top floor, the Sky Lounge can be used in conjunction with the conference hall for reception parties. Individual student research and projects can be done in the Hackathon Lab and the Idea Factory. The Hackathon Lab is the only study room at KAIST that can be reserved for longer than a day, and is furnished with closets and sinks to make long-term projects more convenient. Recreational and lounging areas include the Community Hall, Meditation & Creation Room, and the Multimedia Complex. In the Multimedia Complex, it is possible to both enjoy and create digital media.

Students have expressed satisfaction with the Cultural Building facilities, commending the ample spaces and modern interior. Nuclear and Quantum Engineering student Seung Min Bong said, “It used to be hard to find free rooms in the school for group projects and discussions; we would often wander from room to room and waste time deciding on a meeting point. I think the Cultural Building will be able to resolve these problems. The clean atmosphere, the cushioned spaces, and the conveniently placed TVs also make it a good place to relax. I will be visiting here often, both to study and to take a break.”

Guidelines for Academic Cultural Complex space use and management are currently being made, and basic policies and directions will be uploaded on the portal reservation system. All KAIST members will be notified as soon as the reservation system is set up and ready for use.

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